HIMO Z20 Max 250W Electric Bicycle For Just $1099.99 [Coupon Deal]


This time we have something different outside of PCs, but within our scope of work by having an electrical part, it is the Xiaomi HIMO Z20 Max Bicycle. We will analyze its construction and we will tell you about our experience of using it both in the city and on the road, with its robust and heavy aluminum chassis, disc brakes, and 20-inch mixed-rubber wheels.

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We now continue with the assembly procedure of this HIMO Z20 Max, a bicycle that will arrive practically fully assembled, but folded properly to take up less space. Its measurements in this storage position will be 86 x 43 x 74 cm, so it will practically fit in any compact car trunk without even removing the upper protection tray. The first step will be to assemble the front and rear sections of the chassis, a simple maneuver as both are joined by a thick 5-point hinge. We must be careful to properly order the 6 electrical contacts of the battery, a fact that is fully controlled as there is no clearance in this hinge. The maneuver is completed with a pressure locking tab, with a sliding button for its corresponding unlocking.

Once the HIMO Z20 Max is assembled, we will only have to loosen the corresponding levers of the frame or handlebar to fold the bike and transport it. Hand handling does become more complicated as it weighs no less than 21.6 Kg, which is considerably more than a normal mountain bike, even with shock absorbers. The chassis has been built entirely of aluminum alloy, so it could still be heavier and iron was used, although elements such as the battery, motor, or pin will increase the figures significantly. At least the tubes are extremely strong to ensure durability, with a nice gloss finish on their paint that makes them look attractive, although susceptible to scratches.


The HIMO Z20 MAX electric bike is equipped with a high-resolution LCD display. It presents all data clearly – even in bright sunlight. It allows you to control parameters such as battery level, current speed, or the selected driving mode.


As outstanding elements that we will be seeing, we have the 20-inch wheels with robust mixed tires, stronger pedals than the Z2, as well as being folding, 6 gears, and front and rear disc brakes. Included are headlights and taillights to mark our position, and a slim mountain-style saddle with an aluminum keel and integrated pump.

Motor and Milage

We arrive at the most important section about this HIMO Z20 Max, which will obviously be the integrated electric pedal assistance mechanism and the reason for this bicycle. It consists of a brushless motor with a power of 250W at 36V, which will automatically and adaptively drive the rear wheel up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h.


The HIMO Z20 Max e-bike is equipped with a removable battery, which is an extremely functional solution. This system does not require the entire e-bike to be moved to the charging point – you just need to move the battery. The key lock protects the device against theft. The ability to cover 80 km on a single charge allows you to cover longer distances or ride several times on shorter distances. The 36V 10Ah battery uses an intelligent BMS charging system, which ensures its long service life of 650 cycles.

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