HIMO L2 MAX Folding Scooter With 350W Now on First Sale [Coupon Included]


Not too long ago, we brought you a review of the first electric car from the HIMO brand, the L2 model. This time the manufacturer released a modified version called HIMO L2 Max. Despite the adjective Max, however, it is not a larger electric vehicle. In our short review, you’ll find out the difference between the old and new versions, how many kilometers it gets on a single charge, and more.

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Xiaomi HIMO L20 Max folds up easily to be put in the trunk, or to transport it on public transport and is equipped with a powerful front LED light and rear light, so as to always be clearly visible in traffic. The 10-inch tires ensure good absorption of vibrations even on the most uneven surfaces and it is possible to overcome climbs with a maximum gradient of 20 degrees. Also noteworthy is the CE certification obtained thanks to the SGS professional laboratories, which confirm maximum driving safety and comfort.

The chassis of this scooter is made of aluminum, weighing only 18.7 Kg and being able to support a maximum load of 100 kilos. In addition, it has a folding design, so in the easiest way, you will have it collected to store it without taking up excessive space. It has 10″ inflatable wheels with a non-slip pattern that will absorb all the impacts so that you circulate with greater stability.


Himo L2 is a high-resolution display, stylish appearance with a simple interface that is clearly displayed during the day and night, and the driving situation is well-founded. The three-speed power mode is easy to control and you can switch fast or slow as you like.


Also worth mentioning are the front-rear disc brakes, the 6-speed Shimano transmission, the appropriate factory lighting, the removable battery that can be charged independently of the bike, and the 100 kg load capacity. Important data can be read from an LCD display on the fly. The HIMO L2 MAX has an aluminum frame is extremely durable and relatively light, and the bike has a foldable design for easy transport. The 20-inch wheeled vehicle is powered by a 250W engine with a top speed of 25 km/h and a range of up to 80 km in electric-assisted mode, but the exact value depends on many things.

The HIMO L2 MAX incorporates a powerful 350W motor so that it can reach 25 km/h and climb slopes of up to 20% slope; and a 10.4Ah, 36V battery that offers us a range of up to 40 km, with a charging time of approximately 5 hours. We must also highlight its three driving modes and its LED screen located on the handlebar where you can see all the information about your movements.

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Coupon Code: GKBL2MAX

Buy HIMO L2 MAX on Geekbuying


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