HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle Review: Comes with 20 Inch 10AH Removable Battery (EU Warehouse,Free Shipping)


HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle 20 Inch electric bicycle is built from the aluminum combination. Also, It sufficiently able to help the most extreme client weight of 100kg. The bicycle highlights a 250W amazing engine, 25km/h max speed, and a twofold slowing mechanism. With a folding plan, this electric bicycle is helpful for driving.


the aluminum casing and 20-inch wheels, its last weight is simply 21.6 kg. Fairly not exactly the norm for comparable electric bicycles accessible in the market. The three-advance collapsing framework permits it to be moving without hardly lifting a finger. Just unlatch the HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle’s simple lock framework on the edge and handlebar stem. Also, You’re all set! It can undoubtedly be put away in a vehicle trunk, taken in lifts, workplaces, and so forth. Xiaomi HIMO Z20 receives an inventive inherent battery box plan, which is firmly associated with the vehicle body.

HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle

The lightweight aluminum composite casing and waterproof inward wiring plan bring basic and exquisite enhanced visualizations. The handlebars, center overlap, and pedals of the entire vehicle can be collapsing at three spots. Also, It just takes around 10 seconds to extend uninhibitedly. The collapsing entire vehicle can be handily placed into the storage compartment, gone into lifts and workplaces, and put away voluntarily.

HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle


HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle has a front and back twofold plate stopping mechanism that has delicate activity hand feeling and simple control of slowing down power. Simultaneously, CST licensed tires with high wear obstruction. Furthermore, the super hold is choosing to successfully diminish erosion and forestall sideslip. The engraved profound water examples can improve the activity capacity of the street surface on stormy days and guarantee smooth driving and safe slowing down. The 6-speed Shimano speed change framework is easy to work and simple to utilize. The riding speed is changing altering the size of the front and back tooth circles to guarantee more advantageous speed changes.

HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle

The compact siphon is astutely covering up in the seat tube. Also, It can be utilizing as you take it. Simultaneously, it is provides with two adaptations of mud form, which can switch among sports and driving whenever, demonstrating the stylish sentiment of displaying. The 18650 force lithium battery furnished with HIMO Z20 electric bike weighs just about 2.5 kg. Young ladies can lift it with one hand.

HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle

The battery is covering up in the fundamental brace of the casing. The separable draw out plan takes care of the issue of badly arranged charging. All things thought, not all total vehicles is effectively moved higher up. Also, The conceal plan can likewise take care of the issue of robbery counteraction and is sheltered and dependable. The battery limit is 10Ah, which can give up to 80km of the electric force go. Metropolitan suburbanites can essentially charge once per week.


HIMO Z20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle is ideally design for both electric and manual cycling. Also, It has everything in the middle. In addition, It is Equip with an easygoing riding Cool Mode and a snappy and lively Dynamic Mode. You can easily buy this from Tomtop at €799.99. So, what are you waiting for?

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