Hollyland Lark 150 DUO Review – Affordable For Video Makers


If you are looking for a lavalier microphone kit, if possible wireless, we tested the Hollyland LARK 150 Duo Kit, Thanks to Hollyland for sending the review unit. This set has a price but it is above all full of promise and ambition. Is this a master purchase for a nomadic vlogger or homebody? The Hollyland Lark 150 DUO brings unique features and conveniences to the ever-evolving wireless clip-on microphone system, but does it offer enough to stand out from the stiff competition?

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The Lark 150 Duo comes in a high-quality cardboard box and reminds me a lot of the Apple packaging. The packaging contains the charging cradle with the microphone set and a fluffy bag in which the remaining accessories are stowed. What is sold as an accessory by other manufacturers is already included in this wireless microphone set?

The following parts are included in the scope of delivery:

  • 2x wireless microphones
  • Wireless receiver with clip for hot shoe adapter
  • Charging case for microphone set
  • 2x lavalier (clip-on microphones)
  • 4x Lavalier pop protection (to suppress sibilance)
  • 3.5mm audio jack cable for connection to DSLRs
  • 3.5mm audio jack cable for connection to smartphones
  • 2x Windshield for wireless microphones
  • USB-C cable for charging the charging case
  • Fabric accessory pouch
  • User Manual (Even very detailed)

Design & Appearance

Let’s look at the microphones in detail. Similar to the receiver, there is also a clip here to attach the microphone to a collar or other clothing. There are two LEDs on the top, the left LED shows the current battery status and changes color accordingly.

The right LED is the same color as the receiver and serves as a guide for the cameraman. If you briefly press the on/off switch on the left side, you can mute the microphone and the right LED turns yellow.

The most important thing on the top is of course the microphone, which is also placed there. As a user, you have the choice of using the integrated microphone directly or connecting an extra lavalier microphone via a 3.5mm jack input.


There is an OLED color display on the receiver that provides information about the battery status of the two transmitters and the reception quality. The level of the transmitters is adjusted from the receiver using two separate rotary knobs (which also have a mute function) and shown on the display.

Transmitter Box

The first specificity, the storage box acts as a charger. Transmitters and receivers are fitted with batteries that can be recharged as soon as they are stored in the large box. The microphones fully recharge in 45 minutes, and the receiver in 1 hour. And the fully discharged box recharges via USB in 150 minutes.

The mere fact of extracting the transmitters (TX) and the receiver (RX) from the box is enough to activate them and put them in communication. The detail in passing: I myself tested the white version of the Lark 150 Duo which is mainly marketed in black. The color is not insignificant, since it is that of the transmitters which are often visible since they are attached to clothing.

Sound Quality Experience

The sound reproduction is just excellent. If you plug the wired lavalier microphone into the transmitter, it will be even better. Purer and more focused on the voice of the source, it stands out from the direct recording on the box. Since the mic plugs into the transmitter, you will need to run a wire between the lavalier mic and the receiver.

The transmitter box used alone has the advantage of having no wires. It captures a wider sound spectrum and will isolate the target voice less well. Let’s say that if the atmosphere of the place where you are seems interesting to you, it will do better. Otherwise, choose the Lavalier microphone.

Note that the provider advertises a wireless capability of up to 100 meters. I tried at 20 meters; it works perfectly. Further depends on your stance and movement, but let’s say it’s probably less essential than needed.


By holding down one of the mute buttons, you can change the recording mode from Stereo, Mono, or Stereo with a safety track. The safety track is particularly useful if you have unpredictable or difficult audio sources that have large fluctuations in audio levels. This helps prevent your audio from clipping so much by recording the correct channel at -6db. The limitation, however, is that you won’t be able to adjust each receiver’s levels.


One of the biggest things about the Lark 150 is actually its fairly large and bulky enclosure that houses both transmitters and a receiver. The top of the case has a soft material that keeps everything snug and in place.

With its built-in 3500mAh battery that fully charges in about 2.5 hours, the case also serves as a central charger for all three devices. The magnetic ends of the transmitters and receiver securely connect them to the case so they don’t fall out and are also what keep them charged.

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The Hollyland Lark 150 Duo Set is a very practical wireless audio solution for vloggers, interviews, and similar tasks. With its very compact dimensions, it can be used quickly and just as easily hidden inconspicuously. Very practical and for me the outstanding function is the storage box with an integrated charging function.

Just one USB-C cable and all parts are charged in the box at the same time. No cumbersome battery handling and no umpteen cables and plug-in power supplies. You can also charge the set with a power bank in your backpack on the go.

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