Home Inspection Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss


Most investors worry whether their properties will pass inspection. There are certain steps you can follow to prepare your home for inspection and reduce the occurrence of discrepancies that may occur. A proactive approach to the inspection can make the process easier and prevent you from losing a deal.

Here are some home inspection tips for those who are planning to sell a property in Dubai:

  1. Remove clutter

Removing the clutter is one of the simplest ways to pass home inspection in Dubai. Basic cleaning will enable inspectors to view all areas with little intrusion. This includes spaces under the sink and anywhere else the inspector may want to look. For instance, sometimes it is very difficult to access the electric panel due to clutter. So, make sure you move anything that may block access to critical areas.

  1. Empty appliances

This tip is fairly simple but is also mostly overlooked. Empty any appliances that may need to be turned prior to inspection. Some of the appliances may include the washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Removing the debris from these appliances is not only polite to the inspector but also makes the process flow smoother.

  • Provide attic access

If your house has an attic, you should make sure it is easily accessed. This can be as simple as setting up the ladder for the inspector. Also, remove any obstacles in the way of the attic entrance. You do not want the inspector to have difficulties moving around.

  1. Get away

According to Dubai real estate agencies, it is always advisable to leave the premise before the inspectors arrive. If possible, leave an hour before the scheduled time because most inspectors tend to arrive early to prepare for the inspection. This way, the buyer and the inspector will be more comfortable together.

  1. Unlock all doors

Unlock all doors prior to the arrival of the inspectors. Since the inspector will need to view every part of your property, it only makes sense to prepare each area. So, unlock the gates and doors to the garage, sheds, etc.

  1. Disclose Known Flaws

Top real estate brokers in Dubai suggest that it is very important to disclose any flaws on your property prior to inspection. Buyers react negatively when things are kept secret. Report things such as leaks or an air conditioner that works intermittently.


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