HOMTOM HT80: A Latest Three-Proof Smartphone Series Loaded With Android 10.0


Android 10 has officially been released by Google, and it’s quickly landed on Pixel devices, and even the HOMTOM HT80 series. Between privacy-related tweaks, a rebrand, and long-overdue features, it’s clear that Google has been very busy with this one. So what are the standout Android 10 features worth knowing? Read on and find out?

Google has experimented with a system-wide dark mode for some time now, but the company has finally made it official with Android 10. Dark mode can be activated via a quick-tile setting or when you activate the battery saver option. Furthermore, a screenshot shared by Google (seen above) shows that dark mode will also affect Google Podcasts, Photos, and Search.

Smart Reply for all messaging apps

Smart Reply is one of the better Google features out there, predicting what you’re going to say in response to a message. It’s currently available for Google apps, but it’s now coming to all messaging apps in Android 10.

This means you can now get suggested responses in the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger — a handy way to save time when a short response will do. These suggestions are all made using on-device machine learning, purportedly maintaining your privacy as the relevant information isn’t sent to Google’s servers.

A better sharing menu

Many Android enthusiasts have criticized the platform’s sharing functionality for being slow and unintuitive. Fortunately, Google has overhauled this menu in Android 10.


The new sharing menu is meant to be much faster than the legacy menu, but it’s also supposed to do a better job of recommending contacts and apps for sharing.

Quicker access to settings

It’s already super easy to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options, but Google is making this process a little easier when you’re in apps. Enter the settings panel.

This new popup window can be summoned by apps in certain situations. Google gives the example of launching a browser when in airplane mode. The browser can now tell users to activate Wi-Fi, then automatically summon the settings panel.

Android 10.0 system has more interesting changes waiting for your discovery. Currently, the first IP68 level three-proof Smartphone equipped with the Android 10.0 system is HT80. HOMTOM has always focused on the quality and cost-effective brand. If you want to know more about it., so you can visit the official website of HOMTOM.


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