Honor 50 Pro Review: Snapdragon 778G, Innovative Experience


In the first half of 2021, as the first work after Honor’s new students, Honor V40 has only launched one model, without the swordsmanship of medium, large, and super large cups. It still relies on stunning design and practicality. Product strength has attracted a lot of attention, even if strong hands are waiting.

Entering the second half of 2021, the Honor V40, which is responsible for the transition in a special period, has completed its mission. Whether based on actual needs or other needs, Honor gradually needs to go further and build more competitive models to enter this challenging market. Play free and easy in space.

It is an unprecedented first launch with Qualcomm’s latest generation of 6nm 5G SoC, the Snapdragon 778G. As far as this special platform is concerned, it marks the official conversion of Honor to an unforeseen track. This work is even equipped with a 100-megapixel main camera, and the 100W ultra-high-power fast charge has reached the limit of the industry, and the stacking force is unprecedented.

The Honor 50 series currently has two models: Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro. Next is our detailed evaluation experience of Honor 50 Pro.

Design & Appearance

From the generation of Honor V40, the screen of Honor mobile phone has completed a leap-type qualitative change.

The 6.72-inch curved OLED screen of Honor 50 Pro has 1.07 billion colors and supports the DCI-P3 wide color gamut. Its screen resolution is 1236×2676, PPI is 440, so the clarity of the text display is very good. At the same time, this work also has a refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 300Hz. Users can get a smoother visual experience when sliding the phone.

Looking at the details, Honor 50 Pro tried its best to narrow the black edges of the screen, and at the same time deepen the screen surface drop. The combination of the two makes the visual perception of the black edges shrink further-this is a 75° curved screen with just a good curvature. The bending depth reaches 3.59mm, and the display black border is as narrow as 1.31mm, creating a visual perception that the front is almost a screen.

Honor mobile phones have always had their own design philosophy, and will lead the trend almost every time, such as the matrix wave that has been popular in the V30 era, such as the passionate collision of matte glass and high-gloss glass on the V40.

This generation of Honor 50 Pro brings a new template paradigm-this work is still seeking a balance between a bulky lens module and a harmonious appearance, so that the camera module is composed of two symmetrically distributed large circles, the upper part is the main part Photograph, the lower part is assembled with a deputy photo.

The color of the module platform is consistent with the back cover, which makes the entire back of the fuselage look more harmonious, arranges and handles the complex visual elements of the multi-camera mobile phone perfectly, and simplifies and organizes it. The Honor 50 Pro in our hand uses a dark blue and dark green Mo Yuqing, which is more suitable for men and low-key female users.


For well-known reasons, Honor started to change the track from V40, trying to run in with the MediaTek platform. Some of its models have also begun to cooperate with the Ziguang Zhanrui platform. Qualcomm platform is the last suspense left for everyone, and it has been Boots landing-Honor 50 series world premiere equipped with Qualcomm 6nm new U Snapdragon 778G.

The Snapdragon 778G can be regarded as an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 768G in terms of specifications. This is also the first time Qualcomm has used TSMC’s 6nm process. The CPU part is 4 large 2.4Ghz A78 cores + 4 small 1.8Hz A55 cores. The paper specifications are even slightly stronger than the Snapdragon 780G. At the same time, it integrates Adreno 624L GPU, which claims to increase the image rendering performance by up to 40%.

In terms of AI, the Snapdragon 778G supports the brand-new sixth-generation Qualcomm AI engine, integrates the AI ​​acceleration architecture, integrates the Hexagon 770 DSP digital signal processor, and has a computing power of up to 12TOPS (12 trillion operations per second), which doubles the performance of the previous generation. Energy efficiency is also higher, and multiple neural networks can be run at the same time.

In terms of network, Snapdragon 778G integrates Snapdragon X53 5G baseband, supports millimeter-wave (400MHz bandwidth/2×2 MIMO), Sub-6GHz band (100MHz bandwidth/4×4 MIMO), peak download speed 3.7Gbps, supports dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), Global 5G multi-card, 5G NR, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E.

On the whole, the strength of the Snapdragon 778G platform is very strong and stable in the sub-flagship team. In most application environments (including large-scale mobile games) there will be no weakness.

Moreover, the GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine has landed on the Qualcomm platform, which also allows the Honor 50 series to achieve a greater degree of performance release. At the same time, this work also brings the Hunter Boost hunter game full-blood engine, as an upgraded version of the game assistant, supports display enhancement, 4D vibration, anti-inadvertent touch, three-way call optimization, and many other functions.

Currently, there are not many mobile games that can support 120 frames. The main ones are “Ace Fighter”, “QQ Speed”, “Crossing the Line of Fire” and “Running Kart”. We used “Ace Warrior” for 120-frame game testing, and the whole game process was basically full of frames, and the game experience was very smooth.

Since the Honor 50 Pro in our hands is an engineering machine, the earlier firmware has not yet adapted to the 90-frame high frame rate mode of “Honor of Kings”, according to our understanding. After the adaptation, the average frame rate can reach 89.84, the average data performance is better than most flagship models, and the frame rate is stable. At the same time, during the game, even with a 10-finger operation, the screen can still maintain an ultra-high touch sampling rate of 300hz. So there is no pressure to deal with the 60-frame mode that most current models stay in.

“Call of Duty” adapted the 90-frame high frame rate mode for the Honor 50 Pro, and turned on the standard image quality. In such a high-quality situation, there are still 90 frames, which is really surprising.


In terms of the imaging system, Honor is obviously changing the track, trying to open up another route different from the past.

The main camera of Honor 50 Pro is replaced with 100 million pixel CMOS, 1/1.52 inch photosensitive area, F1.9 large aperture, single-pixel 9-in-1 2.1μm, the specific model does not currently have accurate information, according to some paper parameters can only guess It’s possible Samsung HM2. This work also has a rear 8 million ultra-wide-angle lens, 112-degree wide-angle, F2.2 aperture. The remaining depth-of-field lens and macro lens can also participate in imaging in some necessary scenes.


1x Main Camera

From the actual experience, the Honor 50 Pro is more restrained in the output of the image, which is different from the radical high contrast and high saturation that once loved. The style of this work is more inclined to restore the naked eye. The algorithm even has weakened contrast, The tendency of saturation. As for the color standard of the wide-angle lens, it can be agreed with the main camera, but the contrast and saturation are slightly changed, but it is in the normal range.

Night mode off

Night mode on

Both the Snapdragon 778G and the new Snapdragon 8 series platforms have been upgraded to three ISPs, with the same functions, but with differences in processing performance. Its ISP supports a 192 million pixel single camera, or a 36MP + 22 Megapixel dual camera, or a 22 Megapixel triple camera, so it is more than enough to process the image data of the Honor 50 Pro, and the default image output speed is quite fast.

Vlog gameplay

Vlog has become a new way for young people to express themselves. There are Li Ziqi in the pastoral style, Huanong brothers in rural life, handicraft in DIY, and wild food in outdoor food. In fact, quite a lot of Vlog bloggers do not need professional camera equipment in many cases and can complete shooting, editing, and other tasks with only a mobile phone. After leading the smartphone to take pictures, Honor has now raised Vlog video shooting to a high priority.

For a long time, Honor mobile phones have been loved by young users, because many mobile phones on the market do not pay attention to the front lens shooting experience, and Honor has repeatedly achieved breakthroughs in the field of selfies. Not only is it deeply involved in the front, this work also focuses on the various shooting functions of the rear and the combination of the front and the rear, and is committed to pushing the Vlog shooting ability to the peak.

First of all, Honor 50, Pro chose to make a breakthrough from the perspective of a dual-camera system. It is equipped with a 32-megapixel high-definition lens + 16-megapixel video lens to form a dual camera. Such specifications are rare in the front configuration of conventional mobile phones. Moreover, the Honor 50 Pro’s additional front-facing ultra-wide-angle video lens has a viewing angle of 100° compared with ordinary mobile phones, while the overlapping field of view of normal people’s eyes is 124 degrees. It can be said that this ultra-wide-angle lens is in the viewing angle. The above is very close to the perception of the human eye.

The viewing angle of 100° corresponds to the focal length of an ordinary 135 camera at about 16mm, so this lens is a typical ultra-wide-angle lens. Ultra-wide-angle lenses usually have a focal length below 24mm. With a small focal length, the angle of view is very wide. It can capture more elements into the lens and is very suitable for shooting large scenes, such as landscape and architectural themes.

Honor brought this lens to the front. Obviously, it was not only for taking selfies with large scenes as the background but also for coping with multi-person selfie Vlog scenes. Using an ultra-wide-angle lens to shoot videos can capture more scenes and show a smaller face, like turning on the face-lifting mode with the same key.

In the ultra-wide angle, whether it is taking photos of tall landmarks or taking selfies with people at a party, you can easily cope with it and get more exciting in the shot. This function almost perfectly solves the pain points of “incomplete shooting” of young people in the Vlog multiplayer co-production. People with mobile phones don’t have to be afraid of becoming “deformed”, and friends around them don’t have to worry about not being able to get into the lens.

There is a saying in “Detective Sherlock”: “The person who takes the picture will never appear in the lens or in the photo”, but the person who said this must not know that the Honor 50 Pro has a skill called “Front and rear dual scene recording.” “.


At present, the fast charging technology on the market has two main technical routes: single-cell and dual cell. In both technical routes, Honor has industry-leading technical reserves, but it is based on multiple factors such as battery loss speed and safety. Considering that Honor models that have been mass-produced and listed are all single-cell solutions.

Now it seems that the Honor 50 Pro, which has pulled the single-cell solution to the limit of the 100W industry, seems to show the trend of carrying it to the end.

Before this, some users might take it for granted that “dual cells are more advanced than single cells” absurdly.

In fact, compared to multi-cell technology, single-cell technology has more obvious advantages: it is safer, the battery is thinner, and the battery capacity is larger. At the same time, it can also avoid the loss of cell splitting. The ordinary single cell uses one positive and one negative two tabs. Honor released single-cell dual loop technology. Put two positives and one negative and three tabs on one cell, which is equivalent to being in one cell. Realize “dual charging”, so as to achieve a 66W fast charging effect on Honor 50.

The Honor 50 Pro has upgraded the latest multi-electrode battery cell technology on the basis of tri-electrode ears. Using the shunt technology of the protection board and the battery cell, the equivalent impedance of the battery is greatly reduced. Therefore, the charging efficiency is higher and the loss is smaller.

At the same time, compared to the 2:1 charge pump technology commonly used in the industry, the Honor 50 Pro is the first to adopt a 4:1 charge pump, which doubles the efficiency, and at the same time increases the power while maintaining a very high cycle capacity.

In short, based on a single cell, double loop, multi-pole cell technology, 4:1 charge pump technology, Honor 50 Pro really achieves the only 100W superfast charge in the industry. After 20 minutes of actual measurement, the battery can be recovered to 79%

For the battery life of the Honor 50 Pro equipped with a 4000mAh battery, we use a professional battery life test tool-the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology to test.

In the test items, we checked all the test items including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, web browsing, simulating real usage scenarios, restoring the real load to the greatest extent, and infinitely close to the real power consumed ion.

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The year 2020 in the previous year was a very difficult year for Honor. With the unpredictable external environment and the reorganization of mountains and rivers after independence, it is extremely difficult to develop the Honor V40. After just gaining a foothold in 2021, Honor can continue to build a new Honor 50 series machine, which is also the result of doing its best and doing its best under the existing conditions. As far as the Honor 50 Pro in our hands is concerned, this is a product with many enhancements.

It continues to follow the tone set by the Honor V40, and still makes the appearance and texture a big killer. It brings the best screen Honor can currently come up with-1.07 billion colors original color display, 120Hz refresh rate, 300Hz sampling The high-speed 75° super-curved screen, coupled with the multi-camera module with regular ring elements, looks very eye-catching.

The 100W wired fast charge that can make the phone back to 80% of the battery power in 20 minutes has been measured so that users of Honor 50 can avoid battery life anxiety. The single-cell solution and the ultimate adherence to it also reflect Honor’s innovation in battery life. Comprehensive consideration of technology.

Although this is the first time for Honor to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, it has smoothly integrated and transitioned Honor’s original and in-depth performance optimization solutions and imaging features and handed over a fairly good report card.

Glory is committed to innovation and technology, and has been deeply involved in the field of selfies in the past and made achievements. Now that selfies have evolved from photos to videos, Vlog has become a new way of self-expression. The Honor 50 series has the mission of bringing an excellent Vlog video experience, allowing users to create without restriction.

This is the characteristic equipment represented by the 100° front ultra-wide-angle video lens for Vlog creation, and the combination of special software functions such as multi-camera video is the core foundation of the Vlog creation ability.

On the whole, Honor 50 series basically meets the needs of the audience, integrates the best software and hardware combinations that can be marketed at this stage, and actively waits for the market and users to test.


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