Honor 50 SE Review: 100 Megapixels Camera is Beauty of the Phone


With the release of the Honor 50 series, Honor has also lived up to expectations, with billions of pixels, a 10bit screen, super-fast charging, and the first shot of the return of glory. There are three models in the Honor 50 series, among which the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro are well-known, while the Honor 50 SE as a younger brother is relatively low-key. In fact, for most young people, it is the most affordable one, and it still inherits the innovative and exploratory spirit of the Honor Digital series, with many flagship elements added, and the price is affordable, while still being guaranteed to have in key parts A flagship experience.

The 100 Megapixel rear camera, as a key element of the standard configuration of the Honor 50 series, is also not absent on the Honor 50 SE. At the same time, there are 9-in-1 pixels, a super night scene, and other technical blessings. Even billion-level pixels can achieve seconds. It takes a second, no need to wait. In addition, resolution and excellent dynamic performance can be achieved on the same CMOS.

The Honor 50 SE is still equipped with the flagship 66W super fast charge. It adopts a single-core dual-circuit design and can be fully charged in just over half an hour. Compared with the dual-cell solution, it also has smaller loss and smaller Heat generation, and better battery durability. With Honor’s exclusive battery protection program, it will also have a safer performance.

The Honor 50 SE is also equipped with a high refresh rate LCD screen, which is a boon for those LCD fans. Through the technology of dispensing first and then assembling, the Honor 50 SE has the narrowest bezel thickness among the current LCD screens, achieving a screen-to-body ratio of up to 94.3%.

In addition, this screen also has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240Hz. Not only does the image display smoothly, but the touch response is also sensitive. The screen refresh rate can be intelligently adjusted between 60Hz/90Hz/120Hz according to the content, taking into account the display effect and endurance performance.

Next, let’s experience the Honor 50 SE together and take a look at the performance of all aspects such as billion-level pixels and 66W super-fast charging.

Design & Appearance

The front of the Honor 50 SE adopts a center-mounted perforated design. The unique dispensing first and then assembling technology makes it have the narrowest bezel in the LCD screen, with a screen ratio of 94.2%. Among the many LCD straight screen mobile phones, The immersive full-screen experience is among the best.

The back design of the Honor 50 SE continues the geometric elements of the Honor 50 series. It uses a ring-shaped dual-lens rear camera module, which is also highly recognizable and consistent with the overall ID style of the Honor 50 series.

In addition to the ring-shaped dual-mirror design, the Honor 50 SE also uses a glass back cover and a multi-layer 3D color film, which can show multi-layered color light patterns under light irradiation, which also makes the Honor 50 SE more fashionable and trendy.

The rear module adopts the ring double mirror design, the main camera is 100 Megapixels, and supports 9-in-1 pixels, which can meet the requirements of resolution and high tolerance at the same time. In addition, there is a wide-angle lens and a macro lens, so that the Honor 50 SE can cover more photo scenes.

Honor 50 SE adopts a side fingerprint security scheme, which combines a fingerprint recognition module and a power button in one, which is very convenient. In addition, there are volume keys on the same side.

Honor 50 SE supports dual speakers, and a SIM card slot is also set on the top. There is only a Type-C interface at the bottom.

Honor 50 SE supports 66W super-fast charging, and the configured charger supports up to 11V/6A power. In addition, it also supports 40W and 10W power levels, which can provide fast charging services for more devices.


The Honor 50 SE is equipped with a 100-megapixel ultra-high-definition camera. In high-pixel mode, it can directly produce 100 Megapixel extremely clear photos. In daily use, it can also output a single-pixel size through the pixel 9-in-1 technology. 2.1-micron, 12-megapixel photos, not only faster-processing speed but also better dark light details.

When the light is sufficient, the output of 100 Megapixel photos; usually using the pixel 9-in-1 mode, you can ensure that the Honor 50 SE can have excellent imaging quality in all kinds of weather.

The biggest improvement of 100 Megapixels is naturally reflected in the resolution of the photo. After the same photo is enlarged, it is obvious from the text on the water heater that 100 Megapixels have a huge advantage in resolution.

In daily use, 12 Megapixels can have a higher imaging speed and a larger dynamic range, which is more suitable for daily recording of the beautiful scenery around you.

Taking pictures during the day, even with the default mode of 12 Megapixels, you can also take pictures with excellent overall quality. It is worth mentioning that even in the daytime, the night scene mode of the Honor 50 SE is also worthy of use. It can have an effect similar to HDR enhancement, and even the summer light that is easy to overexpose when taking pictures can be clearly recorded.

Night night scene mode

Night automatic mode

For night photography, the large pixel size brought by 100 Megapixels through 9-in-1 pixels also allows the Honor 50SE to have a higher dynamic range for night imaging. Honor 50 SE does not tend to brighten blindly in automatic mode, but to ensure that the picture is bright and dark, retaining the mystery of the night. In the night scene mode, multiple images are combined to increase brightness, optimize colors, and show more dark details.


The Honor 50SE is equipped with the latest MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G chip, which uses the flagship TSMC 6nm process, 2 A78 large cores + 6 A55 small cores, an eight-core design, which can better take into account heavy-duty scenarios. Performance requirements and endurance requirements for daily light tasks bring a better comprehensive experience.

First, use Master Lu to test the performance of Honor 50 SE. As a cross-platform performance testing software, Master Lu can use quantified scores to show the performance of the mobile phone’s CPU, GPU, memory, and flash memory, and display it in the form of rankings and total scores, which can be easily understood by even novice users.

In the performance test of Master Lu, the score of Honor 50 SE reached 516775 points, and the performance of Dimensity 900 was fully displayed, which is not inferior to the models of the same configuration.

In addition to running points, the performance of the actual game is also worth paying attention to. We selected three games, “Honor of Kings”, “Peace Elite” and “Ace Warrior”, and tested them to see how the overall performance of the Honor 50 SE is.

Among the three games, “Ace Fighter” has the best support for high frame rates, and Honor 50 SE does not disappoint, with an average frame rate of 116 FPS. Under high image quality, Honor 50 SE can be used for several mainstream games. Realize full-frame stable operation, daily leisure, and entertainment, without worrying about performance issues.


The Honor 50SE supports super-fast charging up to 66W, which can bring faster charging speeds compared to fast charging at 30W or even lower gears. The actual charging takes only 38 minutes to be fully charged, and if you plug it in during daily dramas and meals, the phone has already recovered more than half of the blood after recovering.

In terms of battery life, we combined game tests for testing. In the three games, the actual battery life of the Honor 50 SE is shown in the figure. As a mobile phone with a 4000mAh battery, the battery life of the game can reach nearly 6.7 hours at the highest picture quality, and this battery life performance is also excellent.

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As the younger brother of the Honor 50 series, the Honor 50SE is also very powerful in terms of configuration while providing a stylish design. 66W super-fast charging, 100 Megapixel rear camera, 120Hz high refresh screen, etc. are all in the flagship Even the common configuration in the flagship. Equipped with these “quasi-flagship elements”, the Honor 50 SE can be said to have broken the inherent impression of appearance and low profile. Whether it is charging, gaming, or even taking pictures, it has good competitiveness.

The 100 Megapixel rear camera can bring a different photo experience. The Honor 50 SE can not only shoot in seconds, you don’t have to wait for a long time like when the 100 Megapixel post-camera was first launched. It can also use the pixel 9-in-1 technology to be competent in some scenes with large light ratios, taking into account large pixels and high dynamic range, without having to have The worries of choosing between high pixels and large pixels in the past.

66W super-fast charging can be said to completely change the habits of using mobile phones. In the past, under the poison of “five blessings and one security”, everyone had serious electric power anxiety and cared about electric power all the time. After all, once the battery is in a hurry, it will take two or three hours to keep charging to restore full blood. But now it’s super-fast charging, which can be fully charged in about half an hour. When the battery is low, just charge it, and the battery has returned to more than half with a cup of coffee.

In addition, Honor 50 SE also has a 120Hz high refresh screen, which adopts the LCD direct screen design that some users prefer, and based on the new technology, it achieves a narrow frame and a high screen-to-body ratio. The performance of the Dimensity 5G chip is also good. On the Honor 50 SE, this thin and light machine, the performance is not as good as other phones with the same configuration, and it can play mainstream games smoothly, and it is just right for daily use.

The appearance design of Honor 50 SE is trendy and fashionable, and under the appearance, its internal configuration is also very good, a powerful aesthetic benchmark, it can be described as a veritable name. If you want a good-looking mobile phone, and at the same time are interested in 100 Megapixels, 66W super-fast charging, etc., then Honor 50 SE priced at 2399 yuan is definitely the perfect choice for you, but don’t miss it.

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