Honor 60 Leaked: Ring Rear Camera, Snapdragon 870


The Honor 50 series is deeply loved by consumers, and the Honor mobile phone relies on the huge sales of the Honor 50 series, thereby increasing its market share, from the original trough to third place in the domestic market share. Moreover, Honor mobile phones are constantly releasing new product models, and the product layout in the market is gradually improving. The product line of Honor mobile phones has also become richer, and consumers have more choices. However, at the same time that the Honor 50 series was selling, the Honor 60 series was also exposed by foreign media for the first time. This time the Honor 60 series is still released with three models.

The back design of the Honor 60 series has been exposed for the first time. From the exposed photos, it can be seen that the Honor 60 series still uses a dual-ring camera module design this time. The main camera is designed in different colors. People think of the main camera of the Honor 50 series, which uses the design elements of the ring. If you simply look at the exposure map of the Honor 60 series, then the Honor60 series will adopt the same design elements of the ring main camera as the Honor 50 series, so there is only one main camera in the upper ring of the camera module.

The Honor 60 series will include three models, namely the Honor 60SE, Honor60, and Honor60 Pro, which are consistent with the three models of the Honor 50 series. It seems that the Honor60 series will be the Honor 50 series. The upgrade, because the appearance and model will not have much change. In addition, the Honor60 series will be equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor. In terms of fast charging specifications, the Honor 60SE will support 40W fast charging, while the Honor60 and Honor60 Pro will support 66W fast charging. In terms of performance, the Honor 60 series will be much higher than the Honor 50 series, but the fast charge specifications have been reduced.

If the fast charging specifications of the Honor60 series exposed by foreign media are true, then the Honor60 series has shrunk the fast charging specifications while improving performance. The Honor 50 series includes 66W and 100W fast charging specifications. The Honor 50Pro supports 100W fast charging, and the Honor 50SE supports 66W fast charging. Foreign media revealed that the Honor 60SE supports 40W fast charging, and the Honor60 Pro supports 66W fast charging. Obviously, in terms of fast charging specifications, the fast charging configuration of the Honor 60 series is shrunk compared to the Honor 50 series.

The Honor 50 series has been equipped with a 100-megapixel main camera. For the Honor60 series, the main camera is still 100 Megapixels. However, in terms of lens aperture and camera sensor, the Honor60 series may be upgraded to ensure that it has better performance than the Honor 50 series in terms of camera and video effects. In addition, in terms of software, the Honor60 series will also have appropriate optimizations to improve the shooting algorithm and take photos or videos better.

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The positioning of the Honor 60 series is still the main shooting and Vlog, and the appearance will also be very beautifully designed, which is more suitable for young consumer groups. After the Honor 60 series is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor, the performance will also be improved. At the same time, the camera and video will also be upgraded. Overall, it is much better than the Honor 50 series. However, due to the differentiated design, the fast charging specifications of the Honor60 series are not high, not as good as the Honor 50 series. This may be a last resort, but for consumers, the fast charging and shrinking of the Honor60 series still makes people feel Regrets and dissatisfaction.

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