Honor Magic 4 Pro Rendering: Built-in Quad-Rotor Drone Cameras


The release of Honor Magic 3 Pro can be regarded as a very important decision made by Honor, and it can also be seen that Honor will follow the layout of mobile phone design. The original Honor Magic series design was unreliable, with a certain degree of creativity, but the release of Honor Magic 3Pro was even more law-abiding, a change from the previous unreliable design concept. So what kind of design will the next-generation Honor Magic 4 Pro adopt? Foreign media produced a set of renderings about Honor Magic 4 Pro, and this set of renderings has returned to the imagination.

The design of Honor Magic 4Pro is full of unimaginative imagination. The focus of this design is not on the screen or the number of cameras on the back of the fuselage, but on the design that many mobile phone manufacturers dare not imagine, and the setting of the built-in drone in the fuselage. . From the front of the screen, the Honor Magic 4Pro is designed to be quite satisfactory. The super curved screen is equipped with a screen single-hole design. The front lens has changed from the original screen double-hole punch to the middle single-hole punch, which can be regarded as one. Big change.

There is no rear camera on the back of the Honor Magic4Pro, which is unimaginable in the design of traditional mobile phones. However, the absence of a rear camera does not mean that the Honor Magic 4 Pro cannot take pictures, but the way the Honor Magic 4 Pro takes pictures has undergone tremendous changes.

The Honor Magic 4 Pro will be equipped with a new Snapdragon 895 chip, the charging specification will be upgraded to 100W, and the wireless charging will be 80W. Performance is still the benchmark, and it is enough to lead other domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

Honor Magic4Pro has designed a retractable lens module on the top of the fuselage. This lens module has a larger size and is also equipped with four spiral fans. This is the built-in mini drone of Honor Magic4Pro. The mini drone equipped with Honor Magic4Pro is equipped with multiple cameras, including a dual-lens at the top and a single camera at the front. Honor Magic4Pro can complete the flight through gesture control, and take pictures through the mobile phone’s preset plan.

However, because it is a mini drone, the battery capacity is not much, and the battery life is very limited. It is said that the built-in drone of Honor Magic 4Pro can last about 30 minutes, flying at an altitude of no more than 5 meters, and flying at a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The images taken by the Honor Magic4Pro drone can be stored and sent to the mobile phone, and can also be previewed in real time. The Honor Magic4Pro can be used to shoot more incredible images through the drone.

Of course, when the drone is not taking off, the equipped dual lens can be used for daily photography. For example, the dual lens of the drone is facing the front, then you can use the front lens to take pictures. If the dual lens of the drone is Facing the back, then Honor Magic4Pro can complete the photo process of the rear lens. In fact, the experience of using the Honor Magic4Pro drone is very rich, no matter how you use it, you can complete the photo process.

However, in order to be able to accommodate drones, the screen size of Honor Magic 4 Pro is accordingly designed to be 7.2 inches, and the screen size has become larger. Of course, the display effect of Honor Magic4Pro is still excellent. The 120 Hz refresh and 4K resolution ensure the screen display effect of Honor Magic4Pro. In addition, there is an incredible design. The Honor Magic4Pro’s drone also supports face 3D structured light recognition with higher safety performance.

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In general, the design of Honor Magic4Pro is not an unusual one, and it is completely subversive. It is hoped that the release of Honor Magic4Pro can help Honor become the world’s number one mobile phone brand.


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