Honor Magic 4 Vs Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro, How big is the Gap Between Them


The Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro itself is a slightly higher-positioned phone than the Honor Magic 4. On the whole, the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro performs better; in some places, the Honor Magic 4 also has certain advantages.

Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro and Honor Magic 4 Specs Sheet


The Honor Magic 4 features a 6.81-inch curved screen with a resolution of 2664X1224. It is also worth noting that this screen supports LTPO intelligent refresh rate adjustment and 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, which is a big highlight of the phone.

In contrast, the screen quality of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is higher. It uses a 6.73-inch curved screen made of Samsung E5 material, it supports 3200X1440 resolution, LTPO2.0, etc. The screen clarity and brightness are higher, and it also has certain advantages in power consumption.


Both models are powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 processor, and in order to suppress the power consumption of this chip, the heat dissipation material is relatively sufficient, with a relatively mild performance scheduling, the game temperature is controlled in a number of Snapdragon 8 devices. The performance in the model is OK.

In addition, this time the Honor Magic 4 has an additional independent display chip, and the gaming experience will be slightly better.


The Honor Magic 4 has a 12MP front camera, a 50MP main camera, a 50MP wide-angle lens, and a 50MP telephoto lens with a Sony IMX766 sensor on the rear. The performance of this lens module is relatively balanced, especially this year, many manufacturers have canceled With the telephoto, the Honor Magic 4 is an advantage in this regard, but it is a pity that the main camera does not support optical image stabilization.

The Mi 12 Pro is a 32MP front camera, and the rear main camera is a 50MPlens with a higher specification IMX707 sensor, with a 50MP wide-angle and a 50MP portrait lens. In addition to the lack of telephoto in this lens module, especially the performance of the main camera is outstanding.

Battery and Charging

The Honor Magic 4 uses a 4800mAh battery with 66W flash charging, while the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro has a 4600mAh battery with a 120W wired 50W wireless flash charging. In fact, the battery life of both models is not very good, but the Mi 12 Pro charges faster and supports wireless charging.


Obviously, the overall quality of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro will be higher among these two models, but the budget is also a few hundred dollars more. Under normal circumstances, it is definitely enough for users to choose the Honor Magic 4 in all aspects, but if there are higher requirements for the screen, photography, and charging, consider that the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro experience must be upgraded!

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