Honor Magic 4 VS Xiaomi Mi 12 Quick Comparison Review


The prices of the Honor Magic 4 vs Xiaomi Mi 12 are not much different, and they are both standard versions of the mainstream flagship product lines of the two major phone manufacturers. Among them, Xiaomi Mi 12 is the flagship of small size, with balanced performance in all aspects, and the one-handed feel is excellent; while the price of Honor Magic 4 is about 300 yuan more expensive, but the performance of the screen and photography is more balanced!

Both models are the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor. The extreme performance is naturally relatively strong, but the power consumption is relatively average. The temperature control performance of medium and low voltage games such as King and Chicken is not bad, but high-load games are hot. Still inevitable.

Both models are made of domestic curved screens, and the direction of this is still very good, which is conducive to the release of domestic screens.

Among them, the Xiaomi Mi 12 is a small 6.28-inch screen. In addition to being more comfortable to hold with one hand, it also has a 12-bit color depth and richer color display. The Honor Magic 4 is a conventional 6.81-inch large screen. The biggest feature of this screen is that it is concentrated. LTPO intelligent refresh rate adjustment and 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming are used, mainly for power saving and eye protection.

The front camera of the Mi 12 is more advantageous. The Xiaomi Mi 12 uses a 32-megapixel high-definition selfie lens, which can be used with Xiaomi’s native beauty skin to achieve more natural results.

The rear lens module of Honor Magic 4 has higher specifications. Both models are the 50-megapixel main camera with the well-reputed IMX766 sensor, followed by the 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and 8-megapixel periscope telephoto lens with higher specifications than the Honor Magic4, supporting 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom. In addition, there are single-point laser focus sensors, color temperature sensors, etc. The only regret is that the main camera does not support optical image stabilization!

The Honor Magic4 uses a 4800mAh battery and a 66W wired flash charge, while the Xiaomi Mi 12 uses a 4500mAh battery and a 67W wired 50W wireless flash charge. The battery life of the former is slightly better, and the charging methods of the latter are more diversified.

In fact, the performance of Honor Magic 4 and Xiaomi Mi 12 are relatively balanced, especially Mi 12 has a more distinct target group: users who like the small size and one-handed operation; Honor Magic4 is a few hundred dollars more expensive, but the Battery life, screen, and photo quality are slightly better! So you can choose the right model according to your own needs and budget!

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