Honor MagicBook Pro Configuration Revealed: Ruilong 4000H


Honor will release a new generation of MagicBook Ruilong notebooks on July 16. Obviously, it will be equipped with the new Ruilong 4000 series with a 7nm process and Zen2 architecture, but the low-power Ruilong 4000U series is specifically used, or the high-performance Ruilong 4000H series, There is no official news yet.Today, the Twitter exposure god @_rogame announced the configuration of the new MagicBook Pro Ruilong, and they also appeared in the 3DMark database (mainboard number KLVL-WXX9-PCB ), there are two main versions:

New Honor MagicBook Pro configuration exposure: high-performance Ruilong 4000H, no unique displayNew Honor MagicBook Pro configuration exposure: high-performance Ruilong 4000H, no unique display
Among them, the maximum probability of memory is directly soldered to the motherboard, which is not replaceable or upgradeable, but I believe that even the 8GB version will be dual-channel, but unfortunately, the frequency is only 2666MHz.

In addition to the difference between the small version of PM981a and PM981, the hard disk may also have other brand products, such as the previous exposure of Western Digital SN720 512GB NVMe SSD, of course, this is also the industry practice.

It should be noted that MagicBook Pro continues to not use discrete graphics cards, so the game experience may be weaker, but on the one hand, even if this notebook is independently displayed, it is at the MX350 level, which is quite high and low. Some The tasteless, and the integrated Vega 7/6 is also competent for general games; on the other hand, there is no unique drag, you can leave more power consumption and heating space to the processor so that Ruilong can obtain more durable high-performance Play.

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In addition to MagicBook Pro based on Ruilong 4000H series, it is speculated that Honor will also release MagicBook based on Ruilong 4000U series.


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