Honor Play 30 Plus Review: Large 5000mAh Battery, 5G Dual-Standby


Honor has really new machines recently, with the Honor 60 series on the front foot, and the Honor X30 on the back foot, but this is not over yet. As the king of price-performance ratio in the Honor product line, the Honor Play series also brings us a high-quality entry-level 5G receiver, the Honor Play 30 Plus.

As a thousand yuan entry phone cheaper than the X30, it has an outstanding high-brush large screen and long battery life at this price, especially for battery life. I probably took a look. The Honor Play 30 Plus is probably the only one this year. , One charge for two or three days is no problem, proper annual battery life.

As a thousand yuan entry machine, the design of Honor Play 30 Plus is still very careful. The one on my left is Charm Sea Blue, the bright blue back cover is youthful and energetic, and the one on my right is Chenxi Jin, which is more luxurious and magnificent in comparison. The rear camera module adopts a family-style ID design, and the double-ring rear camera is highly recognizable, and you can recognize this as a glorious machine at a glance.

The front adopts a 6.74-inch LCD waterdrop full screen, and the frame width has reached the level of mainstream thousand-yuan phones, which is very immersive. The 90Hz screen refresh rate is very smooth in daily use. In addition, it has passed the German Rheinland low blue light eye protection certification, which can reduce the harm of blue light to human eyes in the whole link, and further take advantage of the LCD’s non-stroboscopic advantage.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Honor Play 30 Plus can be called an annual battery life machine. It has a 5000mAh battery and also has Honor intelligent power-saving optimization technology. In our battery dog ​​extreme endurance mode, the 30 Plus continuously simulates continuously. 3D games, videos, web pages, and other scenes. You know, in this high-strength test, the average mobile phone can reach 8 to 9 hours. 11 hours is enough to be called a strong battery life, and its results have refreshed my three views.  Even if you watch the drama non-stop, the Honor Play 30 Plus can last for nearly 20 hours. Before the battery is exhausted, you can’t help but fall asleep. It is conservatively estimated that charging once every three days is not a problem for daily use. If it is used as a backup machine, I think it can even be charged nearly once a week, which vaguely has the style of Nokia back then.

In addition to the long battery life, the Honor Play 30 Plus is also equipped with a fast charge. After all, a large 5000mAh battery, if you still use the “five fortune and one safety”, a charge can take close to 3 hours. I tested the 22.5W fast charge, and the battery charge can reach about 15% after 10 minutes of charging. According to his endurance performance, this is enough for you to chase the drama for two hours.

In terms of performance, the Honor Play 30 Plus still has a good experience. The energy efficiency ratio is excellent, and it will not be stuck in daily use. The frame rate of playing “Honor of Kings” and “QQ Speed” is also very stable under the appropriate picture quality.

In addition, it also supports 5G dual-card dual-standby, and both SIM cards can run simultaneously under the 5G network. In addition, the Honor Play 30 Plus is equipped with 128GB of memory and supports smart storage expansion, which can be equivalent to an additional 2GB of storage, which improves the start-up speed of the APP and the keep-alive rate of the background APP.

Next, let’s talk about the imaging capabilities of the Honor Play 30 Plus. Although taking pictures is not its advantage, I think it is worth mentioning. As a thousand-yuan 5G entry machine, the Honor Play 30 Plus only has dual rear cameras, but the performance of the main camera is far beyond my imagination.

Taking photos during the day, in good light conditions, the beauty recorded by the Honor Play 30 Plus is not bad at all. The texture of the surface of the building, the light and shadow in the sky, and the clouds are all recorded in real life.

In general, although taking pictures is not a highlight, you can use it to record the beauty around you at any time. After experiencing it, the Honor Play 30 Plus has greatly subverted my impression of the thousand yuan 5G entry machine. Especially this battery life makes me amazed. 5000mAh battery capacity is not uncommon, but on the Honor Play 30 Plus, with Honor’s smart power-saving technology, it has achieved record results, more than double the average mobile phone. The battery life is really worthy of the name.

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What’s more, it also has a 22.5W fast charge to escort the large battery, which greatly shortens the charging time and does not have to wait too long.

The rest, such as appearance design and color matching, high-brush full-screen display, and memory expansion, are also good plus points. At the entry-level gear of 1,000 yuan 5G, it can greatly improve the user experience and make the phone run more smoothly. How about it? Does such a wonderful machine with battery life impress you?


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