Honor Play 4 Pro Review: Designed For Gaming, Cooling Efficiency


Honor Play 4 series mobile phones were released. This time Honor brought two new products, namely Honor Play 4 and Honor Play 4 Pro. As the first 5G mobile phone of the Play series, the Honor Play4 series brings a new experience to super players from the aspects of performance, camera, 5G communication, fast charging, etc. The author first got the Honor Play 4 Pro in its flagship configuration, and After an in-depth experience, I will share with you some of my feelings and opinions about this new machine in combination with my actual experience.


The front of the Honor Play 4 Pro is equipped with a 6.57-inch LCD full-view screen, supporting DCI-P3 color gamut, with a screen ratio of up to 91.46%, a maximum resolution of 2400*1080, and a pixel density of 400PPI at the retinal level. Taking into account the needs of young people to use mobile phones heavily, the screen also joined the TÜV Rheinland certified eye protection mode, which effectively reduces the damage of the screen to the eyes.

Since the Honor Play 4 Pro adopts a hole-punch screen design, the two front cameras can be perfectly integrated into the screen, improving the integrity of the screen, but also weakening the impact on vision, bringing a higher screen ratio, and more immersive vision Experience. The front has 32 Megapixels + 8MP ultra-wide angles, supports automatic fill light, can accommodate more people taking photos, and has a distortion restoration algorithm.

Honor Play 4 Pro’s back design is also very attractive. In the author’s hand, this is the blue color for Mecha Blue for Honor Play 4 Pro. The design breaks the tradition. In addition to the trendy design of the dazzling Aurora texture, the back shell also incorporates a technological sense of mezzanine stripe pattern. The back is printed with “Kirin” LOGO, Indicating that it is equipped with a Kirin chip. The cool design and the performance of the Kirin 990 chip are very attractive for super players who pursue individuality.

In addition, from the side of the phone, the Honor Play4 Pro is moderately thin and thick, because of the rounded edges and extremely narrow bezel design, it looks thinner visually and has an excellent feel. The volume key is naturally integrated into the middle frame on the right side of the fuselage. The power supply and fingerprint unlocking are combined into one. The design of the inner curve fully considers the shape of the thumb, which is reachable by the tentacle. It is accurate and comfortable. This design not only guarantees the integrity of the overall Bring a more comfortable operating experience.

Honor Play 4 Cameras

Honor Play4 Pro rear camera can be described as full strength, with super sensitive AI dual camera, composed of SONY IMX600 RYYB 40Mp super-sensitive camera + 8MP telephoto lens, Honor Play 4 Pro can support 3 times lossless optical zoom and up to 30 Digital zooms, OIS optical image stabilization and fast laser focusing, fully suppress the shake, and can completely cover the 80-810mm equivalent focal length. Later, the author uses actual proofs to show its shooting strength. After all, for consumers, compared to these professional terms, the real photo experience is the most real.

IMX 600 sensor, the imaging quality of the 1/1.7-inch outsole is indeed excellent, it feels very beautiful through the leaves under backlight, the veins of the leaves are clearly visible, and the color transition is natural, a picture shows almost all kinds of green, and the leaves The edges are still clear, without any digital sense.

The picture below, looking at the truth and reality, is very emotional, but it is quite difficult to shoot because Beijing has been windy all day long. The picture below shows that the grass stick has been swaying, but the Honor Play4 Pro camera is in good focus. Honor Play4 Pro has 3X optical zoom and 30X digital zoom capabilities.
The following two pictures are taken in 1X normal mode and 3X optical zoom mode.

The Honor Play4 Pro with a lossless zoom capability has more creative space for photographers. The 3X optical lossless zoom photos bring the composition closer, the picture is simple and pure, and a unique green branch is more artistic. Because of the lossless zoom, the details of the leaves are still fine, and the tolerance of the photo is very high.

1X standard mode shooting, the name of the building is not clear. After 3X optical zoom, the name of the building can be clearly seen, and the texture of the wall tiles outside the building can be well displayed. In 5X zoom mode, the writing is clearer without any digital smearing, and the building is still clear and sharp. In the case of sufficient light, Honor Play4 Pro performs well. How about the effect indoors?

The following two pictures are the 1X and 3X zoom origami ornaments sample taken by the author in the mall. After zooming in with 3X optical zoom, the texture of the gift origami looks sharper, and the details of the middle part can be seen more clearly. The human eye cannot reach this distance.

Continue to test the zoom ability in an indoor environment. With the 3X zoom effect, the large text of the store name can be seen clearly, but the small print is not enough. In the 5X zoom mode, the following small characters are very clear. The 30X zoom effect is still very clear, and there is almost no digital sense. It feels really good to take pictures. The following is a sample photo taken in the mall, whether it is the grasp of the light or the details of the subject.

Night shots are the most powerful for taking pictures. Challenge:

In the picture above, the highlighted part of the rafters is not overexposed, and the upper leaves are generally shot in black on the mobile phone, but the Honor Play 4 Pro shoots the true restoration of the leaves, and the green that the human eye cannot perceive, it helped us to see, the color transition is all Can see clearly.

The above two pictures are “hand-held night scene” pictures taken in the dark and in a complex light. The anti-shake capability is undoubted, and there is no fear of highlights. You can see the dark parts well presented through the proofs. There is no noise in the picture, the color saturation is high, and the sharpness is also quite awesome.

High sensitivity, ultra-pure night shooting power, let us truly witness the “outsole” strength of Honor Play4 Pro, as well as the strength of AI algorithms. The Kirin chip system is really not to be underestimated for the powerful computing power and data throughput in photography graphics, plus The AI ​​optimization capabilities of the on-board system are difficult to capture good photos.

Honor Play 4 Hardware & Performance

As a new performance-level cool play product, the Honor Play4 Pro is equipped with the flagship Kirin 990 chip, with 8G storage +128GB storage, to ensure that the mobile phone has strong performance and brings a better experience to gamers. Honor Play 4 Pro has innovative dual Wi-Fi technology, which can realize the dual connection of 2.4G and 5G dual bands and dual-channel data concurrency. For gamers, the game process is more stable and does not pit teammates.
As a 5G mobile phone. Honor Play4 Pro not only has a more complete 5G frequency band but also has faster uplink and downlink speeds. It has been cultivating in the communications industry for many years. The network in complex environments such as high-speed rail and elevators. It has a unique advantage over others and the network is more stable.

I used King Glory to test the WiFi connection and the network connection effect of the 5G network connection. And the delay rate is very low. In fact, during the game. Honor Play4 Pro also supports wifi, 5G mobile network two-way guarantee. If the signal is bad, it will switch intelligently. Which is quite intimate and reduces the network delay caused by some special environments.

With excellent network support, the game can play without worries. With the comprehensive performance advantages of Kirin 990, GPU Turbo continuously upgrades the technology, and the glory of the King runs almost at full frame. For game enthusiasts, the Honor Play4 Pro is guaranteed by strength.

Because it is equipped with a PC-level liquid cooling system. The diameter of the copper heat pipe is increased to increase the heat dissipation area. The bionic natural transpiration principle effectively reduces the temperature when using the mobile phone heavily. And ensures that the game chip can operate efficiently for a long time. During the game, the author clearly feels that the back of the phone is almost the same as normal use. Players are most afraid of dropped frames, network stuck 460. Honor Play4 Pro will wipe them out in the bud.

Honor Play 4 Battery

It’s fast charging also uses the flagship level, 40W super-fast charging. Charging can reach 24% in 10 minutes. 72% in 30 minutes, less than 1 hour (58 minutes shutdown measured data) to feed the battery. For impatient users. The Rhine safety certified fast charge with high efficiency and guaranteed battery life is also trustworthy.

The author tested the endurance of the game. It consumes 20% of power in 1 hour and 22 minutes. If it runs at full power, is it a problem for more than 7 hours of large online games. This is inseparable from the chip’s comprehensive energy efficiency ratio. 4200mAh large-capacity battery, intelligent power-saving technology. And excellent system optimization. The game life is so powerful, users do not have to worry about watching the video chase drama. Surfing the Internet, brushing social APP, and other common operations.

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Honor Play 4 Pro inherits the Play series of cool play technology genes, equipped with flagship strong core, night shooting ability is superior, coupled with leading 5G technology, truly meet the needs of young users with outstanding personalities and ultra-high requirements for mobile phone performance, and Honor Play4 Pro’s price of 2899 yuan fully considers the income level of positioning users, which is indeed very intimate. For young users who respect performance and pursue value-for-money prices. Honor Play4 Pro is definitely a good choice for you to enter the 5G era.


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