Honor X10 Max Equipped 7.09-inch RGBW Eye Protection Screen, Symmetrical Dual Speakers


Honor officials have confirmed that the Honor X10 Max will be officially released at the Honor Summer 5G new product launch event on July 2. According to known information, the phone will not only be equipped with a brighter and more energy-saving 7.09-inch RGBW eye protection screen but will also be equipped with symmetrical dual speakers, as well as a large 5000mAh battery and a thin body. It is the only 5G mobile phone this year.  It is understood that compared to ordinary RGB screens, RGBW screens have a white sub-pixel, which brings the advantages of higher brightness and more power saving. Especially in the outdoor light is clearer, and many applications in mobile phones are white background, such as our WeChat, Weibo, mail, web browsing, can also save more power.

In laboratory tests, the Honor X10 Max uses a 5G network and the Honor 8X Max uses a 4G network. The former’s power consumption performance is better than the latter’s 7%. The same 7-inch large screen, 5G mobile phone power consumption is even lower than 4G mobile phone power consumption This is the advantage of RGBW.

Previously, symmetrical speakers were also a big selling point of the machine. A few days ago, a digital blogger released an acoustic imaging picture taken by the Honor X10 Max and iPhone XS Max. The results show that the symmetry of the Honor X10 Max is significantly better than the iPhone XS Max. From this speculation, the DXO audio ranking of the Honor X10 Max will not below, and it is expected to impact the top three.

According to the introduction, compared to single speakers, the symmetrical dual speaker + dual Smart PA layout of the Honor X10Max can achieve a true stereo experience. Its symmetrical layout and the sound output from both sides can effectively improve the isolation of the left and right channels. At the same time, reduce the interference between each other, the frequency response curve of the Honor X10 Max left and right channels have small fluctuations and good channel consistency, which can significantly improve the accuracy of the sound field playback positioning and greatly improve the listening experience of the stereo sound source.

As one of the few large-screen audio and video phones on the market in the 5G era in 2020, the advanced symmetrical dual-speaker design, comprehensive enhancement of bass and loudness, and the support of Huawei Histen sound effects make the Honor X10Max have flagship-level sound experience.

According to the latest statement given by the Honor official, in addition to the super large screen, the Honor X10 Max will also integrate a large battery of up to 5000mAh. While the battery capacity is “discreet” and achieves long battery life, the body is very “restraint” The thickness of the fuselage is only 8.3 mm.

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It is not difficult to see that the Honor X10Max will be the only audio and video large screen artifact that supports 5G this year. Combined with previous news from foreign sources, it is expected that the new machine will mainly impact the 2500-3000 gear. Its 7.09-inch RGBW eye protection screen, symmetrical speaker, 5000mAh large battery, ultra-thin body, and other core selling points will be this Market segmentation brings differentiated competition, and at the same time allows users who like large screens to have a better choice when upgrading 5G mobile phones.


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