Honor X10 Max Revealed: 22.5W vs 10W Charging Measured


In the 5G era, due to the network-style upgrade, mobile phone power consumption is inevitably further increased. In order to cope with the challenge of greater power consumption, many mobile phone manufacturers in the optimization of scheduling have chosen to increase the power, so it is not difficult to find one thing, that is, today’s mobile phone battery power is amazing, moving 4500mAh start, even 5000mAh of large batteries are gradually becoming daily.   Although the large battery can indeed extend battery life to a certain extent, in today’s limited battery technology, the battery for battery life is still limited, even if reached 5000mAh of large power, in the heavy application of the use of the scene of the battery is often only maintained at about 7 hours, want to achieve the performance of all-day battery life, can not but charge the battery power supplement.

And mentioned charging, you have to lift under the big battery, different manufacturers of choice. Some mobile phones in order to reduce costs, although support fast charging, but still choose to provide 10W charger in the packaging to reduce the overall surface of the price of goods;

Then someone will ask,5000mAh battery is very large, so how much can the fast charge improve? Or, for large battery phones, fast charge is really necessary. As it happens, the author has a recently released Glory X10 Max phone, which has a 5000mAh battery at the same time supports 22.5W fast charge, with only 10W charger and the battery with 5000mAh mobile phone A to compare. Look at how fast charge is different from normal charging.

Both phones consume less than 10% of power before start charging, using 10W charging phone A almost the entire process no power changes, the full charging power is stable, it takes 130 minutes to increase the power from 7% to 91%.

The Honor X10 Max with 22.5W fast charge is a big boost, maintaining a fairly high charging speed almost 70% of the charge, and then gradually reducing the charging power from 5% to 90% in 70 minutes.

On paper, fast charge compared to 10W charging generally has more than 2 times the increase, and from the actual results, although due to late power reduction caused by the time has not been shortened by more than 2 times, 70 minutes and 130 minutes of the time gap is still very obvious.

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Phones like the Honor X10 Max can guarantee that you can charge 25% of the safe line power in 10 minutes when your phone is low, so it is clear that in the high-capacity phone frequently appearing, support fast charging, especially with fast charge plug, for the purchase of mobile phones, is very worthy of reference parameters, such as the Honor X10 Max, such as the requirements of mobile phones, is also worth a try.


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