Honor X30i Review: 6.7-Inch Ultra-Narrow Bezels Screen


The Honor brand became August 2021, and Honor’s overall sales increased by 18% month-on-month, while its market share reached 15%, and is ranked among the top three in the market. The recovery of Honor’s market share proves that consumers recognize the strength of new Honor products. At the same time, Honor itself is also developing more product lines and accelerating the pace of market segmentation. Today, Honor launched the new Honor X30i phone, which focuses on thin and light design and ultra-high appearance, that is, through the ultimate design and balanced experience.

It impresses every consumer who pursues a refined and light life. At present, IGeekphone has got the brand-new Honor X30i mobile phone, now let the editor and everyone take a look at the experience of the first mobile phone of this brand-new series.


The packaging box of the Honor X30i is still the usual Honor style, with a white background, light gray text, square and square, very simple and simple.

Although the packaging is relatively simple, when I first saw the Honor X30i, it really surprised the editor of IGeekphone. The first is that this Honor X30i is very light and thin. Its thickness is only 7.45mm, which is currently the thinnest 5G mobile phone with an LCD screen. At the same time, it weighs 175g and is very light to hold in the hand.

In actual use, the thin and light body of the Honor X30i also brings a more comfortable feel to the editor. Every day I take the subway, eat, scan the news, and hold the phone with one hand without feeling falling. Put it when you don’t use it. I don’t feel heavy in my pocket.

The second thing that surprised the editor was the back of the Honor X30i. IGeekphone got the titanium empty silver color version. This color brings a hazy and restrained beauty under the refraction of the light and shadow of the diamond color process of the back shell of the phone. In addition, the matte material itself has a misty texture, which looks, people. It feels like being in a secret space in space.

At the same time, the elements on the back of the phone are also very simple. The upper left corner is the camera module. The three cameras and one flash are arranged in a matrix, which looks very orderly.

On the central axis of the back shell is the word HONOR Logo. The light silver glossy text can also reflect a shallow shadow on the glass floor under the unique diamond color technology, making it visually more dreamy.

The middle frame of the Honor X30i is cut at right angles, but thin arc chamfers are added on both sides, which makes the phone visually thinner. The front of the phone is a 6.7-inch ultra-narrow bezel full-view screen, with the left and right borders reaching 1.1mm, and the screen-to-body ratio reaching 93.6%. The visual perception of the battery screen is still relatively good. The front camera is a hole-digging process and is located in the center of the top.

Looking at the various elements on the four sides of the phone, there is a SIM card slot on the left side of the frame, and the power button and volume button on the right. There is a handset and microphone on the top of the phone, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, USB Type-C interface, and speakers at the bottom.

On the whole, Honor X30i has tough lines, which fits well with the light and thin trend of the whole machine. The unique diamond color technology makes the appearance of the phone to a higher level. It is exquisite and stylish and is very suitable for young users who have requirements for the appearance of the phone.


Playfulness is the characteristic of young consumers, and enough performance is indispensable for everyone to play well. The Honor X30i uses a 6nm process MediaTek Dimensity 810 5G chip and supports a 5G dual card dual standby. During the actual experience, IGeekphone tried to use the Honor X30i for game testing. The games selected were “Honor of Kings” and “Peace Elite”.

First of all, before the game of “Honor of Kings”, the editor adjusted all the options of the game’s image quality to the highest, and then played a round of about half an hour. During the game, the frame rate of “Honor of Kings” basically fluctuates between 57fps and 60fps. The entire game process is relatively smooth and smooth, and there is no obvious lag.

At the same time, during the game, the Honor X30i also controls the temperature quite well. When playing the game, holding the phone in both hands only feels slightly hot, which does not affect the gaming experience at all. After the game, the editor measured the highest body temperature of the Honor X30i as 35.2°C.

Then there is “Peace Elite”. Before the game, IGeekphone also adjusted the various options of the game’s image quality to the highest, and then played a game.

During the game, the editor did not test the detailed frame rate, but from the experience of the game, the whole process is relatively smooth. The characters are running on the map, shooting, etc., and there is no frame drop. You can play games is very high.

In the process of playing “Peace Elite”, Honor also achieved good body temperature control. When the game was in progress, the phone was just a little warm, and the measured maximum temperature was 34.1℃, which also did not affect the playing experience.

From the test results of the two games, the overall performance of the Honor X30i is sufficient for daily casual and mainstream games. Its performance may not be top-notch, but if you don’t play games with special configurations, then Absolutely enough to use.


Taking pictures is a feature that many mobile phones are paying great attention to, and it is also one of the most frequently used functions by consumers. The Honor X30i also has a good configuration for taking pictures. It is equipped with a multi-function camera combination of a 48 Megapixel ultra-clear main camera + 2MP photosensitive depth-of-field lens + 2MP photosensitive macro lens, and it can be easily matched with 8MP front beauty shots. Control various life scenes in life.

Next, we might as well take a look at the actual camera performance of the Honor X30i directly through the real shot proofs.

First look at the daylight environment. The following photo was taken in cloudy weather. The sunlight is not particularly strong. You can see that the leak of the Honor X30i is relatively accurate. The color rendering tends to be true, and the color is not in the rich and bright orange.

Then, I went to the tree on the side of the road and photographed the leaves that block the sun. The contrast of light in this scene is relatively strong, which tests the dynamic range of the camera.

From the actual imaging effect of Honor X30i, it is still satisfactory. The texture of the backlit leaves is clear, and the details of the backlight part of the branches can also be seen clearly, and the sky in the distance is not overexposed, which shows that the Honor X30i is relatively good in terms of high dynamic range performance.

When the time came tonight, IGeekphone also tested the night imaging effect of Honor X30i. The ambient light of the first scene is relatively insufficient, but the overall exposure of the Honor X30i imaging is still

sufficient, and the picture looks very bright. At the same time, no visible noise was found in the photos.

Of course, the Honor X30i also supports night scene photo mode. After turning on the night scene mode, the editor still took a picture here, and the photo effect is visible to the naked eye.

First of all, the latitude of the picture is significantly improved, the highlights of the light are well suppressed, and the details are more detailed. At the same time, the overall brightness and purity of the picture are also improved by a level, and the details of the dark parts can also be photographed.

Then look at the photo below, you can find that at night, the color rendering of Honor X30i starts to become richer and brighter. The green leaves and lights are more vivid than those seen by the naked eye, which effectively improves the look and feel of night scene photos.

Then comes the portrait mode. With the support of the 2MP photosensitive depth-of-field lenses, the Honor X30i can achieve better depth-of-field effects. You can see the photo below. The background blur effect of the Honor X30i is very natural, and the edges of the characters are cut out. It is also very accurate, and the overall shooting effect is quite good.

In addition to the good basic imaging quality, the Honor X30i also supports some unique gameplay in terms of imaging, among which the micro-movie mode impressed the editor more deeply.

In the micro movie mode, the Honor X30i provides users with some video editing templates. Users only need to select the editing style provided by the system, and then click the button to shoot a few videos according to the prompts, and then it will automatically generate subtitles, music, and transition effects. , Filter video stories, convenient for Vloggers to quickly edit some videos.

Generally speaking, the image performance of Honor X30i exceeds the expectations of IGeekphone in terms of its product positioning. Its photographic effects during the day and night are remarkable. At the same time, it also has a wealth of camera gameplay. For young users who love to play, the image function of Honor X30i can still meet the demand.

Magic UI 5.0

The Honor X30i is equipped with the Magic UI 5.0 system based on Android 11. For the old Honor users, Magic UI is the most familiar link.

In Magic UI 5.0, what IGeekphone wants to share with you most is its unique file management function. The file management of Magic UI 5.0 adds the category of “My Files”, where users can manage their own PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, and other files in a unified manner.

Specifically, the user can open the file through WeChat to trigger the automatic download. After the download is completed, when the file is opened or saved, the system will automatically push notifications. The notification allows the user to choose to save the file in one of the “My Files” In the specific folder. In this way, files generated by users through WeChat can be “addressed” instead of searching in massive directories. File management becomes simple and efficient.

In addition, there is a useful feature worth sharing in Magic UI 5.0, which is the center of the personal affair. When you add a to-do item in the system calendar, the item will appear at the top of the main screen in the form of a card, reminding users to pay attention in a very conspicuous form. And, when the important meeting time comes, you can also provide one-click access to the meeting and other operations, no need to look for detailed information about the meeting.

In addition, Magic UI 5.0 has also been optimized in terms of privacy and security, enabling five privacy protection principles such as minimization of permissions, transparency, and control, end-to-side processing, identity anonymity, and security protection. For example, App permission minimization recommendation can recommend users to minimize app installation authorization settings, permission access records can display App permission usage records within seven days from the three dimensions of time, application and permission, and screencast messages will also be hidden, etc., Protect user privacy from all aspects.

In summary, the Magic UI 5.0 equipped with Honor X30i is a system that takes into account both efficiency and functions. It can further improve the efficiency of users’ lives and work on the basis of an excellent core experience.

Finally, let’s look at charging and battery life. The standard charger of the Honor X30i supports 22.5W super fast charging. IGeekphone has also done an actual charging test, and it can charge up to 52% of electricity in 30 minutes. The performance is very good.

In terms of battery life, combined with the editor of IGeekphone, I did a simple battery life test. In the case of 100% power, first perform a 30-minute “Peace Elite” game test, which consumes 10% of power, and then use “Bilibili” I watched 45 minutes of online 1080P video, which consumed 9% of the power. At the same time, combined with the daily user experience of the editor, under normal intensity, the battery life of the Honor X30i can be maintained for one day.

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As a product for consumers pursuing exquisite and light life, Honor X30i’s light and thin body and high appearance have left a deep impression on me. At the same time, it is also in line with the pursuit of aesthetics in terms of performance, camera, and daily use experience of the system. The needs of young consumers.

Generally speaking, you have very high requirements for the thin and light design and appearance of the product. Then the Honor X30i is very suitable for you. Taking advantage of the approach of Double Eleven, you can consider starting.

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