(Hot Sale) On Wieppo Rhythm 3D R3D-890 Earphones in Just $29.99 & R-990 Precision Headphones in Just $16.49 On @eBay


Wieppo, the maker of the Rhythm headphones, has announced that it has its headphones in promotion currently in the popular store eBay. Specifically, it is the Rhythm 3D R3D-890 and Rhythm R-990 models. nicely, all that could be a factor of a past, given nowadays, above ordinary Earphones are widely handy to an extended assembly and throughout properly costs too. just like a Wieppo Rhythm 3-D R3D-890 / Rhythm R-990 In-Ear headphones.

Wieppo Rhythm 3D R3D-890 Earphones

Rhythm 3D R3D-890 Earphones meets the strictest standards in headphone acoustics. It centers an excessive-horsepower woofer tweeter that furnishes 96±3dB @ 1kHz post 1mW, and an important response is between 20Hz – 20KHz, approximately an extent of tellurian listening to. The headset facilities twin 11mm energetic drivers and twin 6mm offset armatures in law true array report paintings in tandem. also, they’re carried out of light-weight plane class aluminum amalgamate and a singular immaculate full metallic earbud creation is crafted with the aid of CNC. Rhythm 3D R3D-890 Earphones is now available on eBay just at $29.99.

Wieppo Rhythm R-990 Precision Headphones

Wieppo Rhythm R-990 Precision Headphones have a pretty elegant metal chassis and a HiFi system with improved bass sounds. It includes a transport bag and some silicone refills of different sizes. The cheapest model also works with cable. The former is addressed to users who find an aloft peculiarity of sound while a latter is a flattering affordable span with some-more than excusable performance. The Rhythm R-990 Precision Headphones is given is an audiophile listening class in-ear headphone with high horsepower woofers and twin drivers on any side and healthy sound decoding tech. also, the competition a complete metallic sample and are finished of lightweight aircraft elegance aluminum amalgamate that covers an iron sound chamber. ultimately, a 1.5m prolonged span facilities a microphone and is well suited with the computer, iOS Android devices. Rhythm R-990 Precision Headphones is now available On eBay just at $16.49.

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