How Bulk Messaging Tools Can Help Your Business Succeed


Bulk text messaging, mass SMS messaging, or business SMS solutions are the terms used by many companies in using texts to send marketing materials to target audiences. Despite the many names, they refer to relatively the same thing. It’s an application-to-person (A2P) messaging service used by businesses to send mass quantities of messages to cell phones.

The Benefits of Using Bulk Messaging Tools for Businesses

TV, radio, and other media proved to be effective methods of reaching out to target markets. But, these marketing techniques tend to be expensive. Startup companies and other organizations following a strict budget may not take advantage of these marketing channels. For example, if someone buys something from your website, send them a transactional email in which you will thank them personally. 

Enter bulk text messaging – a cheap marketing option where small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations can use.

Continue reading to know more about using bulk messaging tools to understand its benefits.

  • Low-Cost Marketing Solution

As mentioned above, mass text messaging is an inexpensive marketing solution for organizations of different sizes to use.

Mass media, like TV and radio, may need you to pay thousands of dollars for them to help you market your brand. Moreover, don’t forget that you need to shell out more cash to create a catchy advertisement to make your offered products and services memorable.

In comparison, reliable bulk messaging service providers, like Drop Cowboy, will only charge you for the number of texts sent successfully. Furthermore, the price-per-text-sent is only small to the extent that the costs shouldn’t hurt even the strictest of budgets.

To illustrate, the mass texting service only charges $0.029 per message sent. So, if you send 1,000 texts to recipients, you’re only going to spend a total of $29 for your marketing campaign. If you compare that figure to a one-thousand dollar TV promotional video, you’re going to save $971 for your campaign.

  • Rapid Deployment

Many people are now sticking to their cell phones like glue. You can find individuals holding their phones no matter where they go. If you send a text message from your device to another person’s phone, the SMS should arrive at the recipient’s gadget almost instantaneously. This means that the recipient can read your text in a few moments after you sent it.

Now, imagine if you click a “Send” button to send 1,000 text messages to the same number of people. That text blast will travel straight to the devices of your contacts in no more than a few seconds. Thus, your sales representatives should expect a reply in a few minutes after sending your initial marketing text to your target audience.

In comparison, other marketing techniques might take hours, days, or even weeks before catching the attention and interests of leads and potential buyers. Take handing out fliers in that regard. A company representative needs to stand in an area for hours before they can receive interest from a potential buyer.

That method isn’t just effort- and time-consuming, but the amount of fliers thrown in the trash bin doesn’t bode well for Mother Nature. Instead, you can gain the interests of hundreds or thousands of potential customers in a few seconds with the help of trustworthy bulk messaging apps and services.

As a bonus, you’re going to do Mother Nature a favor since you’re not going to use any print material for marketing your brand.

  • High Open Rate

Many marketing campaigns deliver erratic results to businesses. One day, your company receives a sufficient amount of replies from hot leads. But, the next day provides a different story as the positive replies are few.

One of the reasons for failing marketing campaigns is because recipients don’t open messages. One look at the preview of the document, and it’s straight to the digital trash bin for that message.

On the other hand, many individuals open texts as soon as they receive these messages. Moreover, people open these SMS messages without a second thought. This instance leads to a higher open rate than other techniques, like email marketing or sending transactional emails.

Aim to have an open rate of close to 100% for each text blast sent. You can achieve that objective by using the right words that appear as previews when viewed on recipients’ cell phones.

  • Highly-Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Several organizations make the mistake of trying to entice people to buy products and services that may or may not have an interest in spending money. Attempting to pique interests from random individuals can be a surefire way to bring disastrous results to marketing campaigns.

Untargeted marketing is costly. Also, unorganized advertising methods present companies with negative feedback from people due to intrusive techniques.

Conversely, bulk SMS marketing promotes highly-targeted marketing campaigns. You’re going to send promotional texts to people who:

  • Already have a business relationship with you, and
  • Subscribed to your texts

Thus, you’re going to send marketing materials to people who already have an interest in transacting with your brand. Furthermore, using text as an advertising channel helps produce loyal customers instead of fly-by-night clients.

  • Easy Integration with Other Marketing Campaigns

Perhaps your business already has an existing marketing campaign using other channels and techniques. For example, you might have a social media campaign in place.

Your social media followers can input their contact details in a form on your page if they find your products or services interesting. Then, you can use a reliable mass text message app to send additional material to heighten the interests of your leads.

You can also integrate mass text messaging to ringless voicemail marketing campaigns. Check out the following video on how to start a campaign:

This seamless integration between two marketing techniques helps convert hot leads into paying customers. Moreover, incorporating bulk SMS messaging with other marketing methods helps your business target the right audiences on time.

Failure to immediately follow-up potential clients with genuine interest might result in lost sales. Those missed selling opportunities might even wind up as winning situations for the competition.

  • Short and Sweet Deliveries

One text message can have about 160 characters, which is decent enough for companies to deliver quick previews about their offerings.

For example, you might be offering flowers to people who want to surprise their partners on Valentine’s Day. The message can read as follows: “Do you want to make your partner feel special on V-Day? Order our flowers now and get free delivery on Feb. 14!”

That message is short, sweet, and only contains 113 characters (with spaces). Your potential clients don’t have time to read messages composed of 500 (or more) words. You can also add a link to your website with the remaining 47 available characters.

Also, you can personalize each message before your representative clicks the “Send” button. Take note that proofreading your texts before sending them reduces the risks of errors in your marketing campaign.

  • Reduced Risk of Errors

Some marketing channels provide your business with small rooms for error. One example is cold calling – a telemarketer speaks to a lead on the other end of the phone line, hoping to entice interests that may lead to a sale.

But, one wrong word blurted out by your representative could turn potential interests into disappointment and irritation. There’s no turning back after saying something wrong during a marketing call.

On the other hand, you can fine-tune your SMS message before you send it to your target audience. Thus, it minimizes the risk of errors made during the initial point of contact with recipients.

Moreover, your representatives can think of suitable replies before responding to queries. This extra time to think helps your business relay correct pieces of information to prospects.

  • More Than a Marketing Tool

Bulk messaging tools help businesses in more ways than one. You can use a reliable mass text messaging app for other purposes than mobile marketing campaigns.

For example, send a significant amount of texts to contacts that transacted with your company. Ask for their opinion on how to improve their customer service relations. You can also ask existing clients if there are any concerns about their new product or service purchases.

The replies sent from these surveys will go to an easy-to-use user interface (UI), so you can read the answers submitted by your customers. Integrate bulk SMS strategies to gain appropriate information from target audiences to help your business succeed in its endeavors.

  • Report Creation

You don’t need to use a conventional SMS app on a standard smartphone to send significant amounts of texts to thousands of contacts for your marketing campaign. Aim to use the services of an established mass text messaging app to offer more features than sending and receiving SMS messages.  

Reliable bulk messaging tools provide users with reporting features to help organizations know information, such as:

  • Valid and invalid phone numbers
  • Pending texts
  • Message delivery rates
  • Delivery rates for each network
  • Open rates

Study the data provided by the report to fine-tune your marketing campaign. Organize your company’s advertising structure to provide better opportunities for converting potential leads to paying customers.

  • Increase Customer Engagement

Think of sending bulk SMS messages as a means to enhance communication practices between your brand and its customers throughout the sales lifecycle. Many people value the information forwarded by firms regarding news and updates about forthcoming developments.

Albeit many marketers feel that sending texts to potential and existing clients is an invasive method, many individuals now feel familiar with this marketing practice.

Additionally, marketers can send important updates to subscribed audiences about forthcoming events. Always think that your target market is busy every day. Don’t be afraid to send a reminder or two to prompt your audience to attend or participate in an upcoming event.

  • Generate Free Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Several firms and business owners would want to take the opportunity to save cash that would otherwise deplete their company’s cash reserves.

Remember that many people around the world now carry their cell phones wherever they go. If these individuals find something interesting on their devices, like the word “free,” they won’t hesitate to share it with their family and friends.

The recipient of your marketing message can forward your text to other contacts. Consequently, the receiver can show their phone containing your text on their screen to other folks.

This free advertising can generate potential sales without you or your representatives exerting extra effort for the marketing campaign.

  • Time Management Opportunities

Some marketers need to spend the entire day trying to entice leads and potential customers to purchase a brand’s offerings. It’s not a terrible idea to focus on nothing but marketing every day. But, businesses may find more promising results when their marketers can cater to other tasks, as opposed to talking to other people for the entire day, trying to generate a sufficient amount of interest.

Time equals money is an idea that comes to mind for business owners. Since sending and replying to bulk SMS messages only needs a small amount of time, your marketers can spend the extra time handling other tasks.

Perhaps, you can use the extra time to experiment with other marketing techniques. Otherwise, you can talk to existing clientele about future business opportunities.

  • Cell Phones Are Still Part of Modern Technology

Communication is vital for several folks. You use your cell phones to talk to your loved ones in other regions.

Smartphone manufacturers know that mobile technology won’t die. Cell phone producers also update their technologies to cater to a broad range of markets. Thus, businesses shouldn’t feel worried about starting their bulk messaging marketing campaign today, especially when using the right tool for the job.

Target markets will still have their phones in their hands and pockets for years to come. But, don’t waste too much time before you start your business’ SMS marketing campaign. Wait too long, and your leads might go to the competition.

Remember, time is money. Every second wasted means losing profit to competitors. Use a reliable bulk messaging tool today to start reaching out to potential leads and existing clients.


Using trustworthy bulk messaging tools to market your business promotes several benefits. You can save costs, gain accuracy in targeting interested audiences, and create more opportunities by fine-tuning your campaign with the use of reporting features.

Start giving your company that extra competitive edge it needs to stand above other organizations in your industry.


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