How Can I Improve My Mac’s Performance For Gaming


Those of you who may be thinking about playing games on your Mac may also be trying to figure out if it is well optimized for gaming. And if it isn’t, then you will need to know how you can optimize it. This will ensure that you have an enjoyable and fully immersive gaming experience. In such situations, there are some important factors that you need to take into consideration. These include; how to clear more storage, free up more system memory, reduce clutter, minimize any unnecessary features and functionalities, etc. However, the most common concern, when it comes to gaming on Mac is excessive power usage.

In such cases, we recommend purchasing a new charger that is well-suited to cope with the amount of power consumption your Mac will be taking. You can do so from a reliable manufacturer like Lention, who manufactures quality USB-C chargers. These chargers are universally compatible with most Macs and mobile devices. Additionally, they are also designed to be highly reliable, multi-functional, fast charging, and come with advanced safety features to protect your devices from any power surges or blowouts. Moreover, they are also lightweight and easy to carry when on the move, giving you the ultimate form of convenience.

Free Up Storage Space

Whether you purchase your games from Steam or download games from the Mac App Store, if there’s one constant thing it’s that those games are bound to consume large amounts of storage space. Moreover, it is often recommended that you keep at least 25 GB worth of free storage space to ensure efficient Mac performance. As a result, this often doesn’t leave much room to download several games for most users. So, how can you free up storage space on your device?

You can first examine all the documents, apps, and files that you aren’t using. This includes large audio, picture and video files that often end up consuming large amounts of storage space. You should also check your Applications folder to see if there are any apps that you are no longer using and remove them. This also especially applies to those who are often connected to a local area network using a usb c multi hub. This is because users in such cases, are constantly syncing files and data with other various devices. This can lead to over-clogging and excessive file clutter.

If you do not want to delete the files but still need them off your hard drive, then you can always transfer that excess data to an external storage space instead. You can make use of a usb-c hub to accomplish this. These accessories, help you extend your Mac’s connectivity ports, allowing you to plug in or charge multiple external devices at once. This includes connecting to an external hard drive for example. You can then transfer and back up multiple files at high speed. Another alternative method that you can use, is to transfer the files to a cloud-based storage service like DropBox, iCloud or Google Drive. However, this isn’t always the most recommended method, especially for large files. This is because it usually depends on the amount of cloud storage you have paid for and the quality of your upload/download internet speed.

Another thing to take into consideration, is that there are times when deleting your files is the only practical option, but you may find it diffiuclt and tedious to go through your Mac and find the files. Moreover, there may be hidden system files and caches that are consuming your storage space and are difficult to find and delete. In such cases, it’s recommended that you utilise third-party software to remove any excess clutter and hidden system files. You can download storage utility tools like Disk Drill, that can help reveal what apps and files are consuming the most space on your hard drive and clean them up to leave room for any new games that you want.

Additionally, you can use a third-party app like CleanMyMac X, which offers various useful features to help improve your Mac’s performance. Some of these features include; thorough system scans, speed optimization, storage clean-up, mail attachment removal, etc. This allows you to keep at bay any serious performance problems before they pop up.

Use External Devices

If you plan to play a lot of games on your Mac, then you will also need some external Mac accessories. In this case, we suggest that you acquire a usb c hdmi hub, which essentially allows compatible devices to output video directly from your Mac to an HDMI display. This also means that external devices like; external monitors, speakers, controllers, microphones, phones, tablets, laptops, and any other devices with a USB-C port, can be easily and conveniently plugged in to expand and improve your gameplay experience. Another external Mac accessory we would suggest is a laptop angle stand. This accessory will help you better position yourself, when playing games, working or watching videos for long periods on your Mac. When it comes to quality, we recommend Lention’s stands, as they offer adjustable angles and height for any form of work or play. Moreover, they are extremely well-designed, compact and strong enough to carry heavy weights, due to their aluminium composition.

Monitor Your Mac’s Performance

Other than clearing storage space, another way to effectively prepare your Mc for the intense rigours of gaming is to constant keep an eye on its overall performance. For example, keeping an eye on the RAM and CPU is important because if your fans start to overheat, then you need to re-assess how you are utilizing your Mac’s processing power. You can keep an eye on how your Mac is behaving by heading to the Activity Monitor application, that is available on your Launchpad. It will present you with all your Mac’s active tasks and how each of them is consuming your processing power and battery power as well. This will allow you to terminate any unnecessary tasks easily and conveniently.

However, if you want more in-depth analysis, then you can always download a third-party software tool like iStat Menus. This will show your Mac’s network usage, temperature, airflow, and more. It can also be left to run in the background of your menu bar.


If you follow these recommendations then you should be fine. You will be on your way to ensuring that your Mac is 100% ready for intense gaming sessions. And while you can always tweak your Mac’s performance level manually, it’s always easier to make use of other third-party software to monitor and keep your device fully optimized at all times.


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