How do I set up and use VR on my phone


Virtual reality is the newest asset in the gaming world and by now it made a reach far beyond the gaming community. You’ve probably heard already about it and even became curious enough to think about experiencing it, but it seems so robust and expensive to start with? Wrong! You can easily enjoy VR wonders just by using your smartphone with inexpensive addition of VR headset for smartphones. All you need to do is to get yourself a matching headset, controllers, install a few apps, attach your phone to the headset, and you are ready to go. We will break down the basics of how to choose the right VR headset like Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest, how to set it up, and how to use it.

Choosing VR Headsets for Your Phone

Once you’ve made a decision of getting yourself a VR headset for your phone, make sure to check if your phone is compatible with the best or any VR headsets. There are headsets for Android and/or iPhone but you need to have at least iPhone 6 or Samsung S6, in order to use it, so not every phone is good for VR. There are many great headset choices but here are our top 3 picks.

Samsung Gear VR

This headset is perfect for Samsung fans, especially for those who are running any model that’s newer than the Galaxy S6 edge. For approximately 100$ you get comfortable, and a sophisticated headset with good quality controllers. Probably the best thing about Samsung Gear VR is that Samsung partnered up with Oculus back in 2015 to develop this headset and enter the VR world, so you get full access to numerous games, and videos within Samsung’s Oculus Home software.

Google Cardboard

This is the most unique and fun VR headset on the market simply because it’s made from cardboard. No, this is not a joke it’s really made from the cardboard and its DIY product. The great thing about it is that it’s compatible with almost every phone, works well on Android devices and iPhones, and even works fine on older models. If you don’t own a new Samsung phone and want to simply test VR then you should start with this headset. Pricing for this headset is approximately $10, so it’s really worth it to get yourself and experience VR.

Merge VR Goggles

Merge VR Goggles is the most comfortable headset since it’s made from foam that fits your face perfectly by following the form of your face. Adjustable lenses are also great features on this headset but we must admit that the downside of this headset is its weight. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it comes in many sizes and colors which makes it perfect for kids. The price for this headset is 50$, so having in mind that it features 300+ family-friendly games it makes it a great buy.

Setting up and using a VR headset on your phone

After you’ve selected and purchased your headset it is time to set it up and use it. You really don’t need to have great technical skills in order to start it off; it’s easier than you think!

Download VR apps

The first thing to do is to check if your phone has a VR app, if you don’t have one just go on the App Store or Google Play Store and download it. If you own a Samsung phone and Gear VR then Oculus Home will boot up immediately after you plug in the phone into the headset, and all of the content will be navigable within the VR. The good thing to do to start off with the VR is to download the VR Demo just to figure out the basics, after that just check out the offer and download the app that works for you the best.

Place your phone on the headset

After you are done with the apps you need to place your phone into the headset. Attaching your phone to the headset depends on the mechanism so it can be slide, clip, or direct connection. Place your phone so that the screen is facing you, make sure that the phone fits well into the mount, and if it doesn’t take off, protect the case before mounting it.

Start a VR app and set up your screen

So your phone is on the headset and you are close to rocking a VR, but there are few things to do more. Make sure that you connected your controllers to your phone via Bluetooth and if you did use it to access the VR app on the phone. After the app is started you’ll see a straight line on the screen, you need to align it to the center of the mount on your headset since that line represents half of both screens.

Wear your headset

Now it’s time to put the headset on, but you are not done just yet! You need to adjust the straps for a comfortable feel but don’t make it too loose as the headset can slide down in the middle of the game. Definitely make sure that you have safe surroundings as you can easily forget about the physical world around you while playing. The next thing to do is to adjust lenses, the picture has to be clear and perfect, and so you can use a roller to adjust the spacing or knob on the side for focus.

It’s showtime!

All right, if you followed instructions you should be ready for the game time. Enjoy your VR experience!


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