How Does Bluetooth Work?


Have you ever got tangled in wires while setting a computer or speakers? Then you must know how hard it is to deal with wires. But thanks to the latest technology, we are quite a bit free from wires. Bluetooth is a simpler way for mobiles, printers, Computers, digital cameras, and other gadgets to link together over rather short distances using radio waves technology. You have seen people using wireless mouse and keyboard with their desktop or answering a call via a small headset. This all is possible because of Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth is based on radio-wave technology which is mainly designed for communicating over short distances less than or about 10m or 30ft. Bluetooth receives and sends radio waves in a band of 79 various frequencies or channels which is centered on 2.45 GHz. If you worry that you are going to interfere with other people’s life support machines then there is good news for you. Bluetooth is a short-range transmitter, so your home devices won’t carry your signals that much far. Short-range Bluetooth devices are more secure than long-range Bluetooth devices.

Another plus point is that Bluetooth devices usually automatically spot and connect to each other and up to eight of them can communicate at any one time. And again they don’t overlap or interfere with one another as they all use a different channel from 79 available channels. This is why when two Bluetooth enabled devices, for example, mobile phones or headphones came into the close distance to each other, they pair or connect. A single Bluetooth headset can even pair to multiple devices at the same time.
This ensures you to talk on the cell phones or listen to music without getting tangled into wires or cords.

Pair with a Cell Phone:

If you are using headset Bluetooth technology explained with your phone for the first time you must be wondering how to pair a headset with a phone. Don’t worry; we got your back here.

  1. First of all, check if your headset is compatible with your phone or not.
  2. Secondly, your headset must be fully charged.
  3. Turn on your headset.
  4. Turn Bluetooth option ON in your mobile settings and scan for available devices.
  5. After scanning, your headset will be showing in the list of available devices. Select the device.
  6. Pair with your headset. Usually, the PIN is 0000 or 1234.
  7. After pairing, your headset will be connecting to your phone unless you turned it off. Now you can take all your calls through your headset.

Don’t worry if something goes wrong or you won’t be able to connect the Bluetooth in the first attempt. I just turned off everything and repeat the process. Also, check whether your headset is charged or not. If the error occurs again, check your device is compatible with your phone or not. Often people get confused with the Bluetooth range, do check your Bluetooth device range. If you continue to have trouble in pairing your device, consult the headset manufacturer’s instruction manual or website.


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