How Hard Is To Bet On ESports Matches To A Beginner?


If you are wondering how to make good bets on esports, then you should know that like in sportsbetting, you need a bit of luck and lot of skills! But, after all, can you bet on esports successfully? Yes, you can wager successfully on esports! But, before you make any successful ones, it is recommended to learn a few things so you could know how to be successful and what you need to pay attention to. This short article reveals this so stay tuned!

Get to know the games

Before you even think of this, get familiar with games you are planning to use for your wagers. Whether it is CS:GO, COD or Overwatch, do not just jump in there like a parachute guy and expect to win serious cash. Do not let the best team be your guide. Let the Boosteria service be your guide and rank high easily. The best team loses easily as it is the matter of “clicks” and this happens in here more than in any other discipline. What you can do is to scout the top cybersports sites to see the best teams, but before that, you simply have to understand the gameplay because you can easily lose your money in case you do not understand the game.

Learn the types of bets

You have to know what options you can choose so you could know what you need to follow. Unlike in sports betting, The UK esports betting has completely different types of wagers and some of these may be:

  • Draw (the final match result)
  • Group of the winner (choosing a group with the winner)
  • Outright winner (picking the team you think will win on the tournament)
  • Total rounds (higher/lower number of the set rounds)
  • First blood (specifying the team that achieves the first kill)
  • Knife round (choosing team that would make pistol kill first)
  • Map winner (specifying the team that will win on the specific map).

What games should you bet on?

You can choose several games to bet on but this depends on the esports site and its offers. Generally, you can choose: Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Halo 5, Fortnite Battle Royale, League of Legends, Overwatch, PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds and Hearthstone. Learn about each game before betting. Learn its rules and gameplay so you could make more efficient and accurate wagers that can bring you more money. So, is it hard to wager on esports?


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