How Long Can the Best Free SD Card Recovery Software Help If You Don’t Leave Your Bad Practices?


The answer is not long, and to help you get a better perspective, we are explaining some of the bad practices below:

Bad Handling

If you don’t handle your card with care, you might as well end up losing the data you have. This is the common cause of why most cards become corrupted. It usually happens when you sick off a device before the card saves an image. This even happens when you remove the card while you are transferring a while. So be patient because if you abrupt these processes, it can end up costing you dearly.

Low Battery

When you use a device on low battery, and it keeps on turning on and off, then you best not do anything productive. This might as well corrupt your data or your storage device. This way, you risk the whole data you have in your card. So, you better avoid doing it.

Haphazard Use of Camera

Once you take a snap, the camera needs some time before it can save the image in the card. If you keep on taking several pictures in a hurry, this will have negative effects on the card’s performance. If you take and delete pictures at a fast pace for a long time, you risk losing your card’s efficiency. This affects the other data present on your card as well.

Storage Issues

Your memory car is unable to store data for a long time. Its obvious storage devices have less capacity than what they advertise. However, this is not the only thing, the exposure settings and resolution size of photos also affect.

If you keep data for a long time on your card, your card will become overloaded, and it might corrupt your data in the end.

Formatting Issues

You have to format the card according to your camera if you want it to work properly. If you insert the card from a cemera to another device, teh card has to be formated according to the new device to work. If not, then it will make the camera card data corrupted thanks to some incompatibility issues.

So, you must do the formatting in your camera instead of a computer; it assures your card will keep performing on an optimal level for a while.  If this happened to you, then you better use the best free SD card recovery software you can find.

Virus Infection

If you insert your card into different devices, the plug and play might latch some virus to your storage device. If you don’t address this issue in a timely matter, it will end up costing you dearly. The infection will catch up with the rest of your data and might as well corrupt everything.

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons why your data on memory card becomes corrupted. So, you better not plug your memory card in every device you can find around you, this is a stupid mistake.

Format Your Card

It’s possible your card gets formatting on its own. This might sound hilarious, but it shows there is a severe issue with your card. If you have heavy use of your card, or you bought a cheap one, then you might lose your data. It’s possible you accidentally format the card. But it’s possible the car can lose data on its own. Following, we are going to explain how


If your card doesn’t respond and you can’t access the file, this shows there is some corruption on the card. There is various reason which led to it. This might have happened because there as some system corruption on the device, a shortage of power supply or something. If you want to get back your data, then you have to format the card by yourself properly. If nothing helps, then try memory card data recovery software free download. 

 Change of File System

This is another reason by most storage brands for the card with a default file system. Most common are NTFS and Fat. You have to make sure you don’t change the type of system.


Above, we have mentioned a few malpractices professional photographers don’t mind when using their card. These practices end them costing dearly when the card doesn’t respond. We shared these issues and their solution in hopes you stop acting on these bad habits.


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