How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?

  • Answer-

An all-new laptop usually provides perfect gaming for around 2 years, whereas the hardware will not go out of date for about 5 years, so that you can purchase a laptop accordingly.

It is known that any electronic item lasts for as long as you can maintain it. A good quality laptop can last anywhere for around 10 years, which is a very long time for equipment to go out of date. A gaming laptop serves you long because the hardware used in a gaming laptop is high-end, and the build quality is strong and durable. For example if you are getting a laptop with best RTX 2080 Ti. It would last way longer and keep you in the race of high pc than any budget graphics card.

A gaming laptop demands a hefty investment; hence every aspect should be considered before purchasing. You must know the life of the gaming laptop before buying it, which depends upon the built quality and the hardware of the laptop. Let’s talk about the lifespan and the determinants of the lifespan of a gaming laptop. There are numerous different things which determine the life of a gaming laptop, which are,

  1. Hardware

Gaming laptops need an entirely different hardware-set from a gaming console. A gaming console is designed to run games efficiently and smoothly, and the hardware used in a gaming console is quite simple as compared to a gaming laptop. To maintain the small size and performance of gaming laptops, the manufacturers have to use high-quality tiny hardware. The most challenging task is to fit all this hardware in the small spaces. Considering any random hardware, it can last for up to 10 years or so. It is to be understood that before the hardware goes obsolete, your laptop would have lost its place in your home. Always buy the laptop with the latest hardware setup. So, If you are planning to put a dent on your pocket for a laptop I would suggest you to go for the gaming laptop under $2000. As, it is sweet spot for a gaming laptop with all the latest hardware as well as the limited budget.

  1. RAM

RAM is one of the hottest topics in today’s tech market. Nowadays, a smartphone comes with greater RAM than a computer system had a few years back. The standard RAM count of gaming laptops falls around 8 GB, which is more than enough for almost any game. RAM is a customizable feature, which can easily be expanded as and when needed. Even if your old laptop is coming short of features due to RAM, you can upgrade the RAM of your laptop up to its capacity. Many high-end laptops still come with a RAM of 4 GB, which can be expanded up to 16 GB according to your needs. Always prefer buying a gaming laptop with a RAM of over 8 GB.

  1. GPU

GPU, or Graphical processing unit, is mainly an essential part of a gaming laptop because the quality of the gaming visuals depends entirely on the quality of the graphic card. There is an ocean of GPUs, each claiming to be the best, but only a few can fit your needs. A GPU will determine the FPS of your laptop, which means how many frames will come on the screen within a minute. There are few dominant brands in the GOU market, such as Geforce, Nvidia, Radeon, and a few more, which provide some of the best quality GPUs currently going around in the market. The GPUs support different refresh rates at various resolutions. Nowadays, 4K is a must factor in any gaming laptop, and along with 4k 120 Hz refresh rate is also needed for a few high-end games. GPUs also come with integrated cooking fans, which helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature in the GPU case; this fan should also be considered. Try to find the latest GPU laptop with all features.

  1. CPU

As the name suggests, the CPU is the center of everything. CPU processes almost all the data traveling inside the laptop. Most of the gaming laptops come with Intel i5 or i7 processors, whereas a few high-end gaming laptops also run on AMD’s APU, such as A12 and A9. The most important thing to remember is that the CPU matches the requirements of the GPU. All the different pieces of the computer should work with each other for the best results, but gaming laptops are ready to use; hence you do not need to worry about compatibility. Always consider buying a gaming laptop with a refresh rate as much as you want to play your favorite games. The overclocking frequency of the processor should match your gaming needs. Consider the requirements needed to play the most intense game on your laptop and buy the laptop which supports the best game that you have.

  1. Maintenance

Every expensive equipment needs due care and must be maintained as required. If you do not take proper care of your gaming laptop, your laptop will end up having a short life. Most gaming laptops last for around 5 years only because of poor maintenance. Laptops need cleaning, upgrading, rebooting, and much more. The most important thing is cleaning so that dust does not get into the little holes on the laptop. There are very efficient ways to clean your gaming laptops without opening them. Follow the following steps,

  • Place the laptop in a position in which you can see the fan, underside. If the laptop lies flat, the liquid air will just blow here and there.
  • Now blow air into anyone grille, and you will see the dust and debris come out of the other grille.
  • Blow the air until every part is not cleaned correctly.
  • Repeat this with all the fans.
  1. Cooling

A gaming laptop needs an efficient cooling system to run for a significant time. Always consider buying a laptop with a high-end cooling system because almost all the parts of a laptop get heated while playing an intense game and need instant cooling for proper functioning. Many GPUs come with integrated cooling fans for the best possible performance. Some processors also have inbuilt cooling fans. Never buy a gaming laptop without a proper cooling system.

With everything said, you should consider every little detail while buying a gaming laptop because, first of all, it is expensive equipment. Secondly, it is going to be with you for a very long time, so it better perform well while gaming.


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