How Many Bites does a Vape count as a Real Cigarette?


That’s a good question. I’d like to answer.

My answer is 10 bites. This is also the most conventional statistical method, but also to distinguish the method of cost performance.

For example, one bomb is 600. One for 10 bites equals 60 sticks. They come in a box of 20. In other words, one bomb is equal to three boxes.

This bomb costs 15 yuan. That’s 5 yuan a box.

But in real life, we often can’t calculate it that way. For example, you can’t finish one. For example, I only smoked half. Why only half? I’m not addicted because I’m satisfied with nicotine. I’m not putting the other half back. You know what? Five rounds is full.

But some people have problems with their lungs, throat, nose. Nicotine is not satisfactory, but smoking is not acceptable. E-cigarettes have no harmful substances except nicotine. You’ll smoke more.

If you have no history of smoking, I recommend e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are prohibited for minors and non-smokers are not advised to try them.


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