How Mobile Casino Apps Are Taking Over The Gambling Sphere


Humans all over the world are getting more reliant on their mobile phones for multiple functions. Casinos for mobiles have been increasing at an unprecedented rate, resulting in the increase of online gambling in New Zealand and also the conversion of live casino players to online ones. Here are 5 ways of how mobile apps are revolutionizing the gambling atmosphere.

1. Increasing reliance on mobile phones

In today’s world, the wide availability of Wi-Fi networks coupled with the increasing functionality of mobiles phones has increased consumers’ reliance on their mobile phones. One of the critical features for this reliance is the convenience that mobile phone brings about. The multiple utilities that a mobile phone possesses, allow users to carry out functions that previously could only be accessed through a desktop. The best part is that these functions can now be performed wherever one is as long as you have access to the internet. The increasing dependence on mobile phones compels online casino operators to innovate to meet the demands of consumers to remain competitive.

2. Convenience of betting

Studies have found that mobile players have a higher frequency in terms of betting and also more prolonged period spent online. This results in higher revenue for the particular platform that the mobile player was on. Reasons for such an observation is somewhat related to the previous point of convenience, whereby players can do in-sport live betting, regardless of their location. Furthermore, with a touch of the finger or a simple voice command, one can simply fund their accounts or to get the slot machine going.

3. A recurring phenomenon

Now, the increase in mobile gamers can also be thought of like a chicken and egg thing. As a result of the first two points, developers are continually trying to keep up with the demands of mobile players. This competition has resulted in a myriad of mobile betting games which consumers can pick and choose whichever they like with just a touch of a finger. Given the multiple options available for mobile players, it is not surprising that more people are switching from desktops to mobiles phones for online betting.

4. Social Media Platforms

Since most people access their social media platforms via their phones, it is inevitable that they will start to compare the overall user experience of the social media platform against the online casino for mobile. The bulk of these consumers happen to fall within the category of the millennials, who are much more tech savvy as compared to the previous generation. Therefore, for mobile gaming operators to stay in this business, they have to make sure that the desire and hunger of these millennials are satisfied, which means more innovation and incorporation of the latest technology into their mobile games. There will be an increasing demand for the satisfaction of the senses beyond that of visuals and sounds. Possible developments include the incorporation of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality to give users a surreal experience.

5. Beyond dollars and cents

Relating to the previous point, mobile gamers are looking more towards the overall experience rather than just a place to put their money in. Besides, mobile players today want options, such as live betting options on top of the traditional betting methods. Given the myriad of platforms today, it will be challenging to capture the loyalty of mobile gamers to a single platform. Only if operators can provide the excitement and customizable options for every single mobile player, will they stand a chance of surviving in this industry?


Humans are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices which have resulted in the growth of the mobile gaming industry. The convenience that mobile devices bring about will only continue to increase Any online casino insisting on operating the same manner as they have always done so will find themselves getting eliminated in the blink of an eye. Even for operators who are willing to make the switch to developing more mobile games, it is an uphill task given the demands of their target audience, mainly the millennials. Not only must the games be thrilling, but it must also be designed in such a manner whereby mobile gamers feel that the games have been customized to them. It is essential for operators to stay on top of technological news and continuously seek ways to incorporate these technologies into their games.


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