How Online Gambling is Changing the Japanese Casino Industry


For a rather long time, traditional gambling has been popular in Japan. Nowadays, there are evident changes in the country’s industry of casinos. Online casinos have become more and more popular among Japanese users. Such platforms allow players from this country to try luck in their favorite games from any place and at any time. In this article, we will discuss the main points that allow online casinos to change the Japanese industry of gambling and the features that make them more popular than physical casinos.

Innovative Payment Systems

One of the main innovations that make digital gambling so popular in Japan is the introduction of Venus Point. It is a payment system that allows Japanese gamblers to make quick and simple transactions. Its convenience and the ability to place instant deposits or conduct instant withdrawals make it very popular among the Japanese digital gaming industry users. Lots of casinos in the country already use this system as a preferential payment method. Also, the use of Venus Point frequently serves as an indicator of a casino’s credibility. Check best UK sites here. This an exclusive feature that puts you away from sites that provide gambling content. Once the software is downloaded and successfully installed, the user is able to exclude himself from over 6910 gambling sites if you want to break from gambling activities. This also provides different limits you can choose from, for example, the length of time you are excluding yourself from such activities.

A gambler should not even connect his or her credit card to the given payment system. This property makes Venus Point especially attractive for the owners of business cards. After all, experts do not recommend using such cards for entertainment. The use of Venus Point allows casino enthusiasts to separate their professional life from their favorite spare-time attractions. Surely, the payment system helps the Japanese industry of gambling to rich its full potential by attracting more and more new users to it.

Convenience and Security

Another important benefit that attracts lots of Japanese gamblers to online casinos is their convenience. Such digital attractions can be reached at any time and from any place. Players can access their favorite casinos even from mobile phones. The authorization in such platforms usually does not take much time, while withdrawing money or placing a deposit are both simple and quick activities. All games in such casinos are stable because they are developed by experienced gaming companies. This point minimizes the threat of unpleasant glitches.

The best players on the Japanese gambling market ensure maximum security for their users. It means that they may not fear fraud and cheating from both online and digital dealers. Also, casinos provide guarantees that all prizes will be delivered to their winners. Lots of Japanese players claim that they feel more secure while playing their favorite games online than while trying their luck in traditional casinos. If for some reason, they hesitate to try a specific casino, they can always check it on a review website.

Attractive Bonuses

Сasino providers attract more clients to their platforms with various bonuses. The best Japanese gambling websites offer their new users welcome bonuses. They also provide a No deposit bonus, which can be claimed without placing a deposit, and multiple free spin bonuses. Such generosity of specific online casinos makes more and more gambling platforms in the country introduce bonuses to attract more users. If you want to get more information on such presents, try .This website provides an informative review of any Japanese Online casino and bonuses from such a digital attraction.

Overcoming Limitations

Numerous limitations affect the Japanese gambling market. The majority of popular games are prohibited by the japanese government. There are still several exceptions, such as betting on various types of racing sports and a traditional lottery. When it comes to online casinos, there is a quite different situation. The state’s authorities have an open-minded approach to such attractions. Legal exceptions and a lenient governmental policy create perfect opportunities for the Japanese interested in gambling to seek their favorite attractions in the digital domain.

Game Variety

Players interested in digital gambling may try a variety of games in the Japanese online casinos. The Japanese like both traditional online attractions and less usual games. One of the most popular activities among Japanese gambling enthusiasts is horse racing betting. Both online users and traditional gamblers can try this exciting game because it is not prohibited in Japan. Also, a Japanese gambler can engage in betting on motorsports. Experienced players favor this game because it provides a gambler with rather high chances of winning.

Surely, one should not forget about traditional casino games. Japanese gambling platforms provide their users with a wide range of casino classics, such as roulette, poker, slot games, and blackjack. A gambling enthusiast plays those games according to the standard rules and can choose some variations of gambling classics. Also, users of such platforms may try experimental games or something really exotic. After all, innovation and experiments are really valuable aspects of the international digital gambling market.


Online casinos are claiming the Japanese industry of gambling step by step. They become more popular than traditional casinos due to the use of innovative payment systems, increased convenience and security, and attractive bonuses. They also allow Japanese gamblers to overcome governmental limitations and try luck in some games that are prohibited in Japanese physical casinos. An outstanding game variety is another factor that ensures the popularity of digital gambling platforms in Japan. Online casinos have already become a dominant power in the Japanese gambling market, and their influence is going to increase in the future.


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