How RCS Messaging Can Transform Customer Service?


RCS or Rich Communication Services is a new standard of messaging that is changing the way customers interact with the companies. It offers an exciting experience beyond simple text, through voice notes, group chat, read receipts, etc.

In short, rich messaging encapsulates the strength of SMS and adds the features of other communication platforms like Whatsapp. 

So, how can rich messaging with advanced features enhance your customer service? Here are the five ways-

Provide Your Customers With Faster And Better Responses

Today, everyone leads a busy life. Customers expect rapid responses and want to communicate with businesses, all on their terms. Thanks to digitization! From media to services, it has transformed everything that helps you fulfill customers’ on-demand expectations.

By leveraging the potential of RCS messaging, you can provide your customers with adequate support whenever they need. They don’t need to call the company to clear their query or share suggestions. For example, suppose a customer searches for your company on his/her iPhone. If you have implemented Apple Business Chat, they can immediately spark a conversation by simply sending a message. 

Reap The Benefits Of Standardization

RCS ties the strength of business SMS messaging and chat apps together. One of the significant benefits of using RCS to businesses is that it is tied to the customer’s mobile number rather than an app. This entails that no downloads are required, anyone with a mobile or iPhone can use RCS.

With the current text messaging system, the emoticon language differs depending upon the carrier. If you are using Vodafone and send a smiley to someone on O2, he/she will receive a slightly different version of that emoji. But, on RCS, everything is standardized. So, all mobile phones speak the same language.

Enable Your Customers To Make Reservations Or Transactions

This new technology focuses on enhancing the customers’ experience with your business. From searching a product to completing the transactions, it allows you to support your consumers throughout the purchase cycle. You can send them transaction cards so that they can purchase securely through a cart.

Not only retailers selling tangible goods, but travel, hospitality, or any industry that require reservations also benefit from rich messaging. According to Statista, the share of digital travel sales via mobile phones was projected to reach 46% by 2019. Further, if we talk about the revenue figure, it is expected to grow to 755.94 billion US dollars. With an online mobile reservation, going to travel agencies for reservations has become a thing of past.

Share Media Along With Rich Messages 

One of the biggest advantages of RCS messages is that it carries more information than ordinary SMS. You can share rich media such as videos, GIFs, recordings, and images with your customers. However, it isn’t just about media though. Unlike SMS or text messaging, rich messages do away with the 160 character limit. A whole suite of these features creates a better experience than simple text messaging.

Ensure Safety To Your Customers 

RCS messages rely on data to be sent between the users; thus, messages are shared with client-to-server encryption. The protocol also prevents spam messages from reaching your device. In order to send a message to your customers via RCS, you have to go through the verification process. 

Once verified, you can use your official logo, brand name, fonts, or colors in the messages. It builds a layer of trust with the customers that the information they share is safe, secure, and going to the right place. 


With so many benefits, RCS has the potential to replace other communication formats. It is a new opportunity to talk to the customers in a better way while enhancing your brand-consumer loyalty. 


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