How small businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from using an online video maker service


A marketing guru once said ‘doing business without proper advertising is like trying to empress a beautiful lady with your sweetest smile in the dark’. It is destined to fail. Nowadays, the world has become small, opportunities have opened up, and competition has become fierce. To survive in this world as a new startup or entrepreneur, you have to reach as many potential customers as efficiently as possible. Video maker online tools such as can help you in your endeavor.

How can a promotional video maker help you? The answer is simple. By making promotional videos for your business. You may ask again, what about the static media for promotions, such as in print media, pictured banners, and hoardings? The answer is, video promotions have many advantages over the static media. Allow me to explain.

Engage With Your Potential Customers

First of all, in video advertising, you get a chance to engage with your customers in a very enticing way by showing who you are and what you do. You can demonstrate how your products and services work, their effectiveness, and how they will help the customers. All these will give you an edge over your competitors, especially the ones using static media for advertisement.

Establish Emotional Connections With Your Customers and Get More Shares on Social Media

Videos attract more people as a storyteller through its’ audiovisual effects, establishing an emotional connection. Research shows that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text. Moreover, videos are much more likely to get likes, comments, and most importantly shares. According to one research, videos have 1200% more chances of being shared compared to texts and images.

Reach to More Customers

Social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Tweeter have open up opportunities for small and large businesses to reach a broader spectrum and a large number of potential customers in a cost effective manner.  These platforms give you a chance to show people what you are all about and make them much more likely to click on your website to see, and maybe even buy your products or services. Think of it like this, about 4 billion people watch YouTube videos every day. If even a tiny fraction of the viewers watch the video advertising for your company, about one-third of them are likely to buy your products, according to research. That would be a huge achievement. Besides, video ads are watched a lot by mobile users, these ads are typically 30 seconds long and almost 88% percent of these are watched to the end. If you choose a platform like this to advertise the videos for your products and services, your chances of reaching potential customers will be much higher.


Videos Entice Peoples’ Buying Intents

You might have not known this; product videos significantly increase viewers’ buying intent. When a video delivers its intended messages successfully to customers, their buying intent can be increased by as much as 97%. Besides, 64% are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

Create A Personality for Your Company and Build Customers’ Trust

Furthermore, videos are much more likely to increase the credibility of your company and increase customers’ trust. Videos help you create a personality for your company which in turn helps you earn your viewers’ trust. Product videos also help 90% of customers make decisions. So, the more videos you have about your company, brand, or product and services the more you can inform and educate your customers, building trust in the process. Always remember, trust equals sales.

While all of the information given above is important for you to know to run a successful campaign for your business, the thing you need to focus on the most is a good video advertise making company, Like “MakeWebVideo” for example. You need to focus on the company’s policies, and their capability to make good videos. You need to see if they can come up with good ideas or work with the ideas you have for the advert you need be made for your company, whether they have good audio and visual team to make those ideas come to life in an eye-catching way and most of all how proficient they are with their work.

Good video advertising can get your business running more proficiently than you can imagine. It will help you reach more people, which in turn will boost your company’s sales and help you become successful. So the next time you think about making ads for your company, make sure you give video advertising a thought, or maybe give it a chance even.


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