How to apply for a travel debit card


Going on holiday or on a business trip to another country? Then you need a reliable travel card. This way you can be sure that your finances are completely safe and you won’t have any problems with payments.

Card Benefits 

When preparing for a trip, we recommend ordering an online debit card. So you can determine in advance the optimal budget, which is enough for rest or work, without fear of overspending. After all, this is inevitable if you go on vacation with a credit card.

The WestStein Prepaid Card allows you to make purchases and pay for services in almost any country. You can also cash out as needed without overpaying a fee. So with this card you save not only your time but also your money.

There are over two million ATMs available around the world where you can cash out your money without any problems. The best option for travel is the virtual card, which you can use in more than 30 million outlets around the world. So there’s no problem paying wherever you go.

At the same time your financial transactions will be even safer, because now you can use your mobile phone to pay, which will save you from fraudsters. Also, payments can be made if you confirm the transaction with a PIN-code.

How to issue 

The main advantage of such a card is its hundred percent security. Your data is as secure as your finances. There is a 3D Secure system which provides you with additional protection when making purchases and paying for services.

Also, the virtual debit card will not allow you to go beyond the budget designated before the trip. But in case of emergency, the account can always be recharged in a matter of minutes.

You can also use the option to set a payment limit to protect yourself from accidental spending. This way you can take full control of your finances.

So nowadays, there’s nothing safer than a travel card that you can apply for in a few minutes at your convenience. So you don’t have to bother with cash and worry about not getting into debt, we recommend an online WestStein account. It’s best to open one beforehand so that you have time to understand the available functionality and explore all the benefits it opens up to you.

By taking just a few minutes to process, you’ll get a wealth of benefits and opportunities during your holiday or business trip.


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