How to Choose a Good Mobile Optimized Sportsbook


Mobile sports betting has changed the game! You can now bet whenever and wherever you like. However, finding a safe and reliable sportsbook is not always easy because there are so many companies pretending to offer the same service. That is why we are going to help you out and show you the most important things to consider when finding a mobile-optimized sports betting site. If you don’t have time to read our guide, then just check out this list of bookies that all offer world-class mobile sports betting!

Is the Sportsbook Licensed?

The first question you should ask yourself when looking for a mobile bookmaker is if the sportsbook has a license. You should only bet on fully licensed sportsbooks. This is because licensed sportsbooks must follow strict regulations set out by gaming authorities, and their site is regularly audited. Licensed sportsbooks must prove they are offering legitimate bonuses, separating player funds, processing payments, using encryption, and providing fair odds.

In contrast, unlicensed sportsbooks are not overseen by any 3rd party. Due to this lack of oversight, you are far more likely to be scammed when betting at an unlicensed bookmaker. On more than one occasion, these shady betting sites have vanished overnight and run away with player funds. Stay on the safe side and stick to licensed platforms!

What Betting Markets Do They Offer?

Some mobile sportsbooks let you bet on 30 + sports and have hundreds of daily events from around the world. While at other bookmakers, you are lucky to bet on a handful of sports and only the top leagues.

We recommend betting at mobile sportsbooks that offer you the most choice. With more options, you are more likely to find profitable spots, and you are unlikely to get bored. How could you even get bored if you can go from betting on Japanese football to Czech ice hockey to Brazilian volleyball all in the same day?

Another thing you should look out for is live markets. Betting on a sports event as it is happening is incredibly exciting, and as the odds can shift wildly throughout the game can be extra profitable. Make sure the sportsbook you choose offers live betting!

Does the Sportsbook Have a Dedicated Mobile App

Highly rated sportsbooks have custom-built apps for Android and iOS. These apps offer full functionality and allow you to deposit, claim offers, bet, and withdraw all from your phone. At top sportsbooks, you can easily download these apps from Google Play, the App Store, or from the sportsbook’s official site.

When judging a bookmaker’s app, you should analyze the app’s navigation. Well-designed apps are easy to use and allow you to quickly shift between betting markets and make bets. You should also look at load times and responsiveness. Top apps are incredibly fast, and you shouldn’t experience any lag.

You may have to download a number of sportsbook apps and play around with them until you find one that is perfect. Don’t just settle for the first you download. Be a harsh critique!

Does the SportsBook Have an Online Casino

Nowadays, many mobile sportsbooks also have incredible online casinos. At the top sportsbooks, you will find hundreds and even thousands of casino games that you can play on your mobile. Some of the classics include slots, online blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. You can even find live games where you connect to a real casino via streaming and play your favorite table games with an actual dealer.

Even if you aren’t a big casino gambler, having this feature is a nice bonus. You never know when you want to play a few hands of blackjack or play your lucky number in roulette. We recommend sticking to sportsbooks that have an extensive online casino so you can always find action!

What Bonuses Does the Sportsbook Offer?

The easiest way to boost your winnings and grow your bankroll is to claim bonuses and special deals. These bonuses can vary greatly between sportsbooks. Some companies offer a wide range of generous deals for both new and existing players, while others barely offer sign-up bonuses.

We recommend signing up to mobile sportsbooks that offer the following bonuses:

  • Bonus cash – The bookmaker will credit your account with extra cash, and you can use it to bet on games. However, to withdraw it, you typically need to complete a wagering requirement.
  • Free bets – Free bets work similarly to bonus cash, except that the bookmaker only lets you bet on certain events.
  • Cashback – The sportsbook will return a percentage of your losses. For example, if you receive a 10% cashback deal and lose $1000, the bookmaker will return you $100.
  • Boosted odds – The sportsbook will select certain games and offer odds that are much higher than the market rate.

It pays to go bonus shopping! Before you sign up to a mobile sportsbook, head to their promotions page and see what deals they have on offer.

Is the Website Mobile Optimized

If you don’t want to download a mobile app, that shouldn’t stop you from betting from your phone. The top sportsbooks have fully mobile-optimized websites. This means you can open the betting site on your phone’s browser and enjoy full functionality. You can effortlessly browse the different markets, place bets, claim bonuses, check out the online casino, and at the click of a button, cash out your winnings.

Before you sign up to a sportsbook, grab your phone and open their site on your mobile’s browser. See if it is easy to navigate and ensure that it adapts to the size of your device. There is nothing worse than having to adjust your screen because the site is not properly designed for mobiles.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it if you want to find an amazing sportsbook, you need to analyze it based on whether they are licensed, their betting markets, their app design, online casino, bonuses, and mobile site. If you track down a sportsbook that ticks all of these boxes, sign up immediately!


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