How to choose the best Android app development company


A Guide to Android app development

The popularity of Android applications is growing every year and brings more and more profit to their owners. For example, according to Statista, in 2021, Google Play revenue grew by 23% compared to the previous year.

Why choose Android mobile app development?

  • The ability to reach a large target audience – 70% of people use Android phones.
  • The variety of gadgets on Android allows you to replace the desktop completely, so users need convenient mobile applications.
  • You can implement any features that will help you keep in touch with users and increase sales.

Custom Android app development services

So, why do you need custom Android app development services? Can’t you, say, just rewrite somehow an existing iOS app to get a similar app for Android?

Unfortunately, you cannot just take and import an application to another operating system by rewriting the code from one programming language to another. When creating applications for Android, you need to lay a completely different architecture.

Also, the application icon may have a different shape depending on the operating system’s settings. The designer must consider this and make sure that the logo looks great and harmonious in all options.

Android offers guidance on these platforms and device expectations, design for visuals and navigation patterns, and advice on compatibility, performance, and security.

Android native app development

Android native app development means that the program is created and optimized for a specific platform. Consequently, the app operates at a very high degree of efficiency. Because native apps are created for a single platform and compiled using its core programming language and APIs, they are speedy and responsive.

As a result, the software is far more effective. The app is stored on the device, letting the software take advantage of the device’s computing power. In other words, the data and visual elements of a native mobile app are stored on the user’s phone, resulting in fast load times.

If you’ve decided to develop a mobile app for your company, you might want to look into Android app development outsourcing. It is less expensive to outsource app development than to hire your team.

Best language for Android app development

  1. Java: It is an approved programming language for developing Android apps.
  2. Kotlin: Kotlin is yet another popular and newest official Android programming language. It is also a widely used cross-platform programming language.
  3. C#: It’s an open-source programming language. Consoles, online apps, backend systems, and mobile apps are built with this language.

To sum up, device users want apps to have a high-quality look and performance. Whether swiping or tapping or using voice controls, users will have certain expectations for how an app should look and how to use it. That is why building a custom app with a reliable android app development services company is a perfect solution.


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