How to Choose the Best Gaming Router? (the most useful factors)


What if I told you whatever you’ve read about the best gaming router is incomplete? You have the choices right in front of you. The brand names, the comparisons, the details, the reviews. But what about the details that lead to those features and comparisons?

We all know that Netgear is one of the best Wi-Fi router brands there is? It’s got so many competitors lined up. Like the Netgear R6400 or R6700 and R7000. But is the best gaming router for most people?

Gamers demand HD streaming, advanced web configuration, and a gaming QoS system. It’s clearly more than about the Wi-Fi signal of the router. The following features are all about what makes the best gaming router. And why Netgear can be the best Wi-Fi router for worldwide gamers.

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Features That Make A Gaming Router

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  1. QoS

Nothing compares better between a typical and a gaming router than this. The simplified term is Bandwidth Prioritization Duties. Even the most basic Wi-Fi routers offer QoS support. But what kind of support is the question at hand.

The basic plan for home Wi-Fi routers is this:

They offer automatic prioritization of certain network usages. So you can give one network client more priority over another and so on. This includes the data packets in which there are audio and video data.

For gaming routers, however, things are a little different:

You can prioritize gaming systems aside from network packages. You can set the bandwidth cap. But how would this benefit a gamer? In case you have multiple gamers in your home, you can set the limit without any inconvenience.

Like the Netgear R700 has Dynamic QoS support. This means it backs up your backup so you can accelerate your usage in case of a power failure. That’s the true mark of a modern and rugged gaming router.

  1. Dual Band

No gamer can imagine playing a single-band Wi-Fi router anymore. People used to do that when they didn’t have a choice. Now, you do. In the Netgear R6400 or R6700 or R7000, dual-band frequency cuts across all channels.

The 2.4 GHz + 2.4 GHz frequency band has a stronger range. Even if you just go by number, 5.0 is twice as much as 2.4 and that means twice as fast.

Dual-band is speedy and advanced for blazing-fast performance. And if you have multiple players logged in, tri-band routers give you another 5 GHz to play with.

In fact, most percentages of gamers aren’t just gamers. They download films, stream videos, transfer files, and so on. So you need the dual-band for maintaining high internet speeds. Think about it.

  1. Beamforming Technology

The highlight of any dual-band gaming router is beamforming technology. Now, this may seem too obvious for an experienced buyer. But you never know who might be unaware or misinformed about this. So it’s worth talking about.

Likewise, beamforming technology enhances the signal of the router. It improves its efficiency, range, and strength.

So if you have one laptop for gaming, a smart TV for streaming movies, and a mobile phone. You can streamline the signal to reach your gaming laptop more acutely. So the signal isn’t distributing everywhere. The sole focus is on you; makes you feel important, right?

  1. Design

Now for the stuff, you can see. The ports, LED illumination, and router size. Gaming routers should look rugged and advanced. That’s the common requirement for the best gaming router.

The standard gaming routers meet all expectations. They have 6 gigabit LAN ports, USB port or USB 3.0 which is more advanced, and a steady power button.

  1. Security

Gamers aren’t often concerned with parental controls. But if you’re buying a gaming router for your son or daughter, you need this to stay aware. Parental controls allow you to put tabs on the network usage of your child. The websites he/she browses and for how many hours or seconds, etc.

But the best of all is that you can restrict access to certain websites. And keep your network completely secure by all such controls with a password.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a USB 3.0 port in my gaming router?

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As I said, you need the internet for more than just gaming. What if you have a printer at home? You can hook it up to your printer to create a local printer server. The same can be said for smartphones, tablets, or any other USB-enabled gadget.

You can access any data once it’s connected via the USB 3.0 port. Imagine the endless possibilities if you’re a techie.

  1. How Many Antennas Are Needed In A Gaming Router?

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The antennas are signal-providers. Each antenna is responsible for sharing specific data. So does that mean the more antennas on your gaming router, the better the signal? Not particularly.

The antennas separate the range of the wireless signal. The quality is undeterred by the number of antennas. So even if you have 4 or 8 antennas, if the quality of the bandwidth channels is bad, it’s going to make no difference in speed.

  1. Is RAM An Important Consideration For Gaming?

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RAM may not be a significant feature to consider. But it definitely plays a role in increasing the speed of your gaming router connection. RAM helps save the memory of your network data so you don’t have to. And in doing so, it amplifies the speed and functionality of the processor.

So that it doesn’t have to work too hard to access data or carry out specific tasks like prioritization. The RAM navigates this process without messing everything up including all the signals.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what’s behind the best gaming router. What are your thoughts about buying one? Whether you play on your console or PC or both, you need an upgrade. Your typical gaming router won’t work. Not unless you prioritize specific features.

Such as QoS, Beamforming, MU-MIMO, and VPN. Having said that, this can sound intimidating, but this article is the effective gamer’s bible. Dive into each and every detail as if your life depends on it. And you’ll notice a significant change in how you play.

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