How to Choose the Right Event Mobile Apps


Event mobile apps have revolutionized event planning and processes by enhancing the experiences of the planners and attendees. The application aims at creating a custom platform for an event where the planners and attendees can easily access all the vital information about the event. They allow the creation of branded information, applications having essential information the attendees need like maps, schedules, and many others.

In addition, the apps can also allow the planners or organizers to store the attendees’ information, checklist, material, and other essential details. These apps are essential for all event planning processes, despite the event’s complexity, type, and size. Nonetheless, with the numerous event mobile apps available, picking the right one for your event is a daunting task.

If you’re looking for the right guide on choosing the suitable apps that’ll suit the needs of your events, you’re in the right place. We’ve put down vital considerations you need to check when making your decision.

  1. Functionality

When choosing your event mobile apps, functionality is a core factor you should consider to get the right app. It’ll be important to consider selecting an app that offers more efficiency and functionality for your event. Check for all the attributes or tasks you need the app to achieve. After which, research on the application that meets these requirements without comprising the users’ experience.

The functionality of the app you’re choosing will primarily depend on the type of event you want to host. For example, some functionality features will be vital for large conferences and not small meetings. If you have a large conference, ensure the app allows the delegates to create their schedules, search for event programs, and many more. A functional app will help to enhance the event’s productivity while improving the attendees’ experience.

  1. Ease of use

Everyone wants an event app that’s simple and easy to use because it’s advantageous to the delegates and organizers. The app should allow planners to easily put activities, schedules, and customize programs on the application. The easy setup and updating of the content help you improve the event’s experience for all the potential attendees.

The design will be essential for the attendees to determine how easy they can download and use the application. Choosing an easy-to-use and simple design is necessary as some individuals won’t use it if it’s complex.

  1. Support

When planning for an event, it’s imperative to understand that some things might go wrong at some time. These times are very stressful; thus, when selecting an event mobile app, ensure that you get one with a proper support system when a problem arises. The support service team should monitor the smooth running of the app and assist whenever the user requires it. The attendees or your team might seek help before, during, and even after the event.

  1. Integration

With the ever-evolving technology, you may need many systems when planning for your event. The event mobile app is one of the core components of this system; therefore, it’ll be vital to choose an app that integrates essential with different technology. Easy integration of the system and tools while planning for your event allows for collective working to achieve the event’s goals.

In addition, when choosing the application, the providers should provide proper mechanisms to customize their system to fit your existing software. Alternatively, you can select an event mobile app that the dealer manages all the procedures and processes from a centralized location or platform. It helps improve the efficiency of managing the event and the attendees.

  1. Security

When providing details for signup and registration, most attendees or audiences are usually worried about the safety of their data and details. It’s essential to consider choosing an event app with the best security mechanism for the data and information. The best option will be applications with the latest and sophisticated security features like GDPR.

The GDPR feature provides the best security against any unauthorized access and attacks from harmful viruses. Giving the attendees assurance over the safety of their data will help to improve the attendance and engagement in the event. It’ll be vital always to ensure that security is a top priority when choosing the right mobile app for your event.

  1. Analytics

For any event planner, analytics are vital for the event’s evaluation process and planning of the next events. The analytics may help you identify the sections of the event planning where you need to improve to enhance attendees’ experience. Additionally, the analytics will be vital for accounting purposes and reporting to the senior event planners or leadership team.

Thus, it’ll be essential to choose an event app that has insightful and relevant reporting systems. The proper analytics system on the app will help show all the details of the attendee, including who they were, the date, and other additional information. The mechanism should also capture additional data that’ll be helpful for accounting, reporting, and planning for future events successfully.

  1. Monetization

When considering an event application, it’ll be good to understand if it offers any monetization opportunities. Check if it allows you to monetize the event or drive lead your sponsors or exhibitors. You can consider an application that helps your suppliers and sponsors to connect with your attendees in different personalized ways.

The personalized ways may include targeted notifications, sponsor adverts, and providing information on the products. The feature will help you work closely with the event’s sponsors and exhibitors to ensure a successful event and get some resources to fund your activities. The main aim of the monetization feature of an event mobile app is to increase the revenue generation and funding of your event.

Final Thoughts

It’ll be essential to incorporate event mobile apps when planning for your event to enhance the attendees’ experience and smooth running of its procedures. Providers offer numerous applications that come with the latest benefits and features to entice event planners. These numerous options available in the market make it hard to choose the right one suitable for your event. Nonetheless, the above are the key considerations you need to consider when choosing a suitable event mobile app.


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