How to Choose The Right Motor Vehicle Appraiser 



Whether your insurance pays your claim or ignores it entirely, depends on the credentials of the independent appraiser that you hire. A top motor vehicle appraiser has the right qualification and is also reputed. And like your car’s mechanic, the best time to find a motor vehicle appraiser is before you need one. If you wait till you need one, you will have to choose the nearest available appraiser.

So, how do you find a kfz gutachter münchen trust and believe in? Well, as you probably guessed, getting a good car appraiser is no walk in the park, as the market is littered with all sorts of ‘experts’. But worry not because the main objective of this article is to help you pick a genuinely qualified sachverständiger münchen dwellers hold in the highest regard. Read on to learn more.

7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Picking an Auto Appraiser

  1. Do not hire a Body Shop Employee or Someone Recommended by a Body Shop

Appraisers often pay $50-$150 in referral fees to body shop employees to recommend them to customers. And while nothing is wrong with getting business from referrals, the problem is that the referred appraiser will not have your best interests at heart. They will be more inclined to satisfy the body shop that gives them business than you. Also, these crops of appraisers may ignore some repair issues.

That is why you need to do your research and find a good car appraiser in advance. Otherwise, you will only be left with the option of relying on referrals from body shops and the like.

  1. What’s their pricing policy?

A car appraiser should not behave like an attorney because they are not. If your appraiser wants to be paid a percentage of what you claim, you need to consider dropping them immediately. The top sachverständiger münchen has a well-defined pricing structure complete with understandable terms of service.

  1. What’s Their Refund Policy?

Be wary of motor vehicle appraisers that only want to be paid in cash or check but not a credit card. Also, like a good kfz gutachter münchen residents believe in, an appraiser ought to have a written pricing schedule complete with a solid refund policy.

  1. Professional License / Trial Expert

It is suicidal to hire a motor vehicle appraiser with no professional or business license. Additionally, they must provide proof of E/O or liability insurance. Make sure that the appraiser is licensed to operate in your state.

Besides a valid license, the auto appraiser you hire must demonstrate relevant experience in the industry. It is not enough that they previously inspected cars or worked at a collision shop. A good kfz gutachter münchen is a mix between a car dealer, CPA, and mechanic.

Some auto appraisers will treat as a compliment the fact that they previously never worked for an insurance company. But this only shows that they are not competent or lack a professional license. On the other hand, you don’t want to hire an appraiser who works primarily for insurance companies as this may bring a conflict of interest. The ideal sachverständiger münchen should not only be independent but also has a clear appraiser method that is applicable irrespective of whom they work for.

Finally, for the testimony of your appraiser to be admissible in court, they must have been admitted by a judge as an expert. Before you hire an appraiser, ask them if they have ever been to a trial to know if he is a recognized expert.

  1. Know how to Spot Appraisal Fraud 

An appraiser that is open to inflating or changing their appraisal to a certain figure is committing fraud and should be avoided. Their assessment should be good enough to get a fair settlement. If anything, insurance firms know the appraisers that engage in this malpractice and blacklist them. There is no denying that insurance companies underpay claims. But what you need to understand is that inaccurate as it may be, their formula arose from a court case. On the other hand, the value the appraiser gives is pulled out of nothing.

For example, if an insurance company’s offer is $300 based on a court case, DVGA’s is $2000, and your appraiser’s figure is $7000, you are out of luck. There is no way an insurance company will pay $7,000 on a claim they priced at $300. It will be ignored as they know your so-called expert cannot defend this figure at a trial. They will not be threatened by your claim one bit.

  1. Physical Address / Reviews from Real Customers

An important factor to consider before hiring an appraiser is if they have a physical address. Never work with an appraiser that doesn’t own or rent an office. Insist on a kfz gutachter münchen that has offices and pays taxes. This means you can visit them any time you feel like.

Some red flags include:

  • No physical address
  • Their address online is just a P.O. Box
  • The appraiser’s name is not indicated
  • Business isn’t registered with your state
  1. Body Shop Collision Repair Audit

The company you hire to do the appraisals for you must not only inspect the car but also identify repair issues. Failure to do that means they are incompetent. An appraiser that refuses to do this could have their loyalty torn between you and the body shop.

By hiring a kfz gutachter münchen, you will be guaranteed that they will scrutinize the repair and point out the things fixed right and those not. These appraisers are duty-bound to give you an honest and fair opinion.


An accident is a scary situation we never wish to get involved in. But do you know what’s the most unfortunate? It is hiring an incompetent appraiser. When you do that, you are asking an insurance company not to pay your claims. That is why you must take time and research your appraiser before choosing them. The above are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a motor vehicle appraiser.


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