How to Clean Your Watch Bands?


Every accessory demands an appropriate way of cleaning. Watchbands are no exceptions. By cleaning them the wrong way, you can harm your skin, void the guaranty, or even damage the watch band.

When you wish to accessorize your Apple Watch, you can’t go wrong with options such as the Apple watch sports loop band. These are stylish, cool, and come in many different colors, so you can match them to the color of your outfit. They snugly fit on your wrist, and no matter what your age, ethnicity, or complexion is, you can use them without a second thought.

An Apple Watch is already a cool device to have on your wrist, but when you pair it with a cool, trendy loop band, you’re only adding to its appeal.

Watchbands come in various materials, such as wood, leather, silicon, steel ceramic, and nylon. Irrespective of the material they are made of, you must clean the straps regularly to make sure that the band lasts for years. Besides, proper cleaning also brings the extra benefit of making the bands look brand new. The process of cleaning is not very complicated if you are aware of how and where to begin

Before getting into the step-by-step procedure, remember that you have to clean the band once in at least two weeks, especially if you wear the same band daily. But, if you rotate watches and wear them to an occasional party, you can clean them once every two or three months.

Silicon and rubber repel liquid and dirt. They are easy to clean, and even if you wear these bands regularly, they do not usually get dirty. These bands also smell less than other absorbent fabric straps, but with time, they accumulate dirt. If you are into leather watches, do not wear the same watch or band every day as leather tends to wear off. You can switch bands or watches to ensure that leather bands do not shrivel before they are meant to.

Steps for Cleaning a Watchband

Step 1: Band removal

The first thing you need to do before you clean your watchband is to remove the device from the band. So, if you are wearing the watch, remove it from the wrist, and look at the backside. There will be a couple of buttons near the area where the watch and the band connect. Use a thin object or depress the two buttons with your fingernail, and in a straight motion, glide the band off.

Step 2: Band Cleaning

Now that you have removed the band from the watch, it is time to clean the band. To protect it from any damage, do not use any cleaning solutions, such as harsh soaps, chemical cleaners, household cleaning sprays, polishes, ultrasonic cleaners, and external heat sources.

Instead, use a mild, hypoallergenic handwash or soap and lukewarm water. If the band is not made of nylon, you may utilize 70% of isopropyl alcohol to wipe the band. You may also moisten the band and lather the soap into the stitches with your thumbs. You may also use a toothbrush to speed up the task and to clean the tough stains or dirt build-up easily.

Good quality watchbands, such as the Apple watch sports loop band, are usually easy to clean using the above simple methods.

However, if this doesn’t do the trick, do not lose hope. Submerge the band in ice water and pour a few drops of detergent containing sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, polymer, and surfactants. But remember, this cleaning method is not necessary unless you want an intense cleaning. Also, do not implement it on a leather watch band because some leathers are not good at dealing with water.

Step 3: Band Drying

When you are done cleaning, squeeze out the additional water by pressing the band between your fingers. Then, for a non-nylon band, use a lint-free, nonabrasive cloth to wipe off the water. For nylon and rubber/silicon brands, opt for air drying, but do not expose them to direct sunlight. Make sure not to blow dry it as the process may melt the nylon in the band.

When the band is dry, you will realize that it looks brighter like before, and you did not even use harsh soaps or bleaching agents. It is better to avoid hot water to prevent the nylon from melting.

If you wish to keep the band safe from long-term damage, ensure your wrist and the watch band are dry and free of dirt. Sweat after training, lotions, and soap may wet and moisten the skin and the band, leading to dirt accumulation.

Your watch bands are expensive accessories that need proper maintenance and care to ensure they last long. After all, if you have spent a good amount buying them, you will want to treat them well. Follow the cleaning guide above and impress the world with fresh and new-looking watch bands.


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