How to download and install the latest ACMarket APK?


If you are looking for a legal app store for your device that is not only perfect but serves as an all in one platform for your app download needs, ACMarket app is the best one for you. Games, modified apps and even the books: you will get everything you are looking for under the same platform. The app is safe to be used and tested rigorously to ensure that there is no damage or harm caused to the device with the app. Along with the wide variety of apps, it features makes it stand apart from the similar apps available in the market. While some apps cannot be downloaded from the official play stores or apple store, this excellent third-party app installer enables the users to enjoy all those apps on the device without the requirement of any license that too without any charge.

About the app

AC Market app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is a free app and is currently working on a version of 4.4.6. The app is 23 Mb in size.


  • User friendly: The app provides a beautiful user experience. It is not only easy to customizebut also saves a lot of time and money.
  • Wide variety: The app offers a wide range of modified and hacked apps that have too much cost. This has made it very popular among the users.
  • Easy download: The app can be downloaded very conveniently with flexible options for download.
  • Offline: The app also has an offline app store which is small in size. This means that the various other games and apps can be downloaded even in the offline mode once the app is downloaded.
  • No limits: Along with the fact that it does not requireany registration or membership, and the app allows unlimited downloads to the user, making it a lifelong companion of each user.
  • App manager: It also acts as an app manager and a supporter of the pro

Compatible versions of Android

Here is the list of the versions of Android that are compatible with the app:

  • Android 4.4+, which is also referred to as Kitkat
  • Android 5.0, also called the Lollipop version of Android
  • Android 6.0, which is the Marshmallow version of Android.
  • Android 7.0 or the Nougat version of Android
  • Android 8.0, also referred to as the oreo version of Android.

How To Download the AC Market For Android?

Downloading the app is as simple as it could be. Here is the stepwise illustration of downloading the app:

  1. First step involves Downloading the APK from the Official ACMarket Site.
  2. Then, Go to the android device Settings
  3. The users are then advised to Enable Allow Application to install from Unknown Sources
  4. Enable it.
  5. Now, the users can now download AC Market directly free and install it safely on the devices.

How safe is the app?

The primary concern that each user experiences is the safety associated with the apps they download. In comparison, we talk about the AC market app, though it is not licensed but is legal and is safe to be used without causing any ill effects to the smartphone.

Some apps cause crashing in the devices and lead to data loss which creates a bad user experience. But there is no such happening that has yet been reported by the users making it a relatively secure third-party app installer.

Why ACMarket app?

Here are a few points that make this app better than the others:

  1. The app has easy navigation as compared to other third-party apps.
  2. It enables the users to look for their favorite app conveniently without any hassles.
  3. The apps that are available to be downloaded through it have also been checked for security and other issues.
  4. The functionality of the app is available everywhere.
  5. It contains a wide range of search apps die to variable algorithms and the apps’ displays.
  6. Facilities like an avatar or the similar looks like that of the official app store is also available, which makes it easy for the users
  7. All the games, eBooks and other apps can be downloaded without any cost.


The ACMarket app is one of the leading third-party app installers because it carries unique features. The main thing that has been kept in mind is user convenience, which will make it even more popular in the future.


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