How To Download Videos From Facebook, TikTok, Instagram with VIDMATE App


You have probably wanted to download some videos before. There are plenty of interesting videos being posted on popular social media websites, so it’s good to have them and laugh at them when you need entertainment. However, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram do not have download buttons for downloading their videos, you can use apps like VIDMATE to download those videos and repurpose. That means you have to search for third-party tools like to download all interesting videos from Social media platforms. With such tools, you can download them easily and watch them when you want.

Today, some of the top video downloaders for social media platforms are web apps. That means you are not required to download software to use them. You just need to copy the video link of the video you want to download, paste it to the website, and get the file. Some of these apps let you convert the video into other supported formats. The download methods mentioned here work when done on a computer, but you can also try them for saving videos to your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Downloading Videos From Facebook

This popular and most used social network does have a save video option. However, the save video option does not download the Facebook video to your computer. For that, you need to use a video downloader that will save the video to your computer or mobile device. Download VIDMATE apk and enjoy watching all your favorite videos in a quick way. To save the video to your device, copy the link of the Facebook video, open the app, paste the link, and choose the download option. Some videos can be downloaded in high-definition quality and some in normal quality. There is also a possibility for some Facebook videos to be converted into some audio formats like MP3.

Downloading Videos From TikTok

Videos from TikTok can be downloaded as a standard video file, which is the simplest method to use. However, this option is only available if the creator of the video has enabled the option for downloading the video. If that is the case, then you have just a few steps to follow to get the video. You open the TikTok app, go to the video you want to save, press the share button, and then press the save button. The video will be stored in the video gallery of your device. If the video creator has not enabled the download option, you have to use a web-based tool and follow the instructions to get free download option and get the videos.

Downloading Videos From Instagram

Similar to other social media platforms, saving a video from Instagram requires using a tool or a program for that. The method is the same as well. You need to copy the video link and paste it to the web app to download it to your computer or another device. Choose where you want the video to be stored and access it later whenever you want.

These were the main ways about how to download videos from social media. Use the helpful downloading tools and get those videos you like the most.


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