How to Enhance Your Phone’s Battery Life Easily


Smartphone batteries drain quite fast. This is an undeniable fact and phone authorities, such as Phone Arena, confirm this. According to the research from Phone Arena, save a few, most phone batteries do not last as long as one would prefer. However, we have good news for you. You can easily improve the battery life of your phone by following some tips discussed in this blog. With a few lifestyle changes, you can do it!

#1: Enable Power-Saving Mode

The power-saving mode works wonders in situations when you are not close to a charging source and aren’t going to be anytime sooner. The mode allows the phone to cut down on display brightness, CPU speed, and network usage. This mode also stops unnecessary apps that are running in the background. I use Spectrum internet to watch videos on my phone. The power-saving mode comes with an option to allow one to keep certain apps running. If it’s an important video, I can still watch it during the power-saving mode.

 #2: Use Wi-Fi instead of Network Data

Network data consume far more data than Wi-Fi. This, as a result, drains your phone’s battery. Make sure to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. Keep network data off when you are using a public hotspot or home Wi-Fi. If you’re sure of not getting any calls, you can turn on the airplane mode and use Wi-Fi only for more battery savings.

#3: Lower Your Brightness Levels

It’s okay if you have a super cool AMOLED display and you want to have a bright display. However, when you know you’re going to need your phone for longer times, lower the brightness levels. This is because higher brightness levels will drain your phone battery very fast.

#4: Turn off Location Services

Do note that keeping GPS services on will waste your battery for no reason. Most users do not require them most of the time. Mostly such services come of use when you’re traveling from one place to the other by using the map application. Keep NFC and Bluetooth services off as well when they’re not in use. They play an instrumental part in reducing the battery timing of phones.

#5: Have Simpler Wallpapers and Widgets

There’s no doubt if you have a live wallpaper, your battery is going to drain out fast. Furthermore, having on-screen widgets also becomes taxing on a phone’s battery life. Make sure that you only place important widgets on your home screen. Unnecessary widgets will make your phone performance lag as well.

#6: Control Sound and Vibration Settings

You should fine-tune your phone’s sound settings. This is important as sounds playing on your phone will reduce your battery percentage. Moreover, when your phone vibrates it also uses energy. Make sure to reduce the vibrating speed to save power.

#7: Close Unnecessary Apps

Many apps keep running in the background and you don’t even need them. It’s best to close such apps and only keep important apps running. You can use software applications to limit their usage. Furthermore, only install apps that you need. Having irrelevant ones isn’t really necessary and ends up clogging up your phone’s memory capacity as well.

#8: Optimize Screen Timeout

Phones come with a feature that allows the screen to sleep after you turn it on and leave it unattended for some time. This is a very good feature and allows you to save lots of phone battery. Keep your screen timeout at 15 seconds or 30 seconds depending on your usage. If you don’t interact with it, the phone screen will automatically lock itself.

9#: Update Phone Software

It is important to check for frequent phone software updates. These updates allow phones to work more smoothly and efficiently. They also provide important battery saving options. Make sure to check if they are available.

10#: Watch Live Sports on TV

Your phone’s battery will discharge quickly if you watch live sports on it so it is best to catch the action on your cable. Since I prefer watching live games on TV, for me Spectrum TV works great.

By incorporating these tips into your daily life you can enjoy an extended mobile battery life. That way you can always stay connected with your friends and family. This is particularly essential in case of any emergency!


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