How to Enjoy the 60-inch Screen Experience with 10.1-inch CHUWI Hi10 Air?


If you are wondering how you can enjoy the experience of using a 60-inch screen on your tablet, today we provide the answer. There are two ways to mirror your tablet display to a giant TV: wired and wireless. We will take CHUWI Hi10 Air: a 2-in-1 tablet as an example to explain the two methods.


If you choose wired transmission, the cable casting involves connecting the two displays via an HDMI output. Specifically, the steps to be taken are as follows: prepare your own CHUWI Hi10 Air, the TV or the giant display on which to see the tablet screen and a Micro HDMI cable.


At this point, adjust the display source signal to HDMI mode (typically HDMI mode or D-SUB mode) and connect the CHUWI Hi10 Air to the TV or monitor in question via the Micro HDMI cable. Wireless casting, on the other hand, is based on Miracast technology; perfectly supported by CHUWI Hi10 Air.

In this case, the steps to do are: connect the tablet and the receiving device to the same WiFi network. In the case of a laptop with Windows, simply access the settings, system and click on the projection option on the computer,  remembering to select all the available positions from the first drop-down option.

On CHUWI Hi10 Air, instead, click on the notification center, select projection and then click on connect to the wireless display. From the window that appears, choose the portable device. With these two methods both applicable with CHUWI Hi10 Air, we can bring the experience to the highest levels.

We can not only project movies on TV or projector to create a real private cinema but also view and work on Excel, Word or Powerpoint documents to make a presentation.

CHUWI Hi10 Air, Price and Availability

CHUWI Hi10 Air is a 2 in 1 Tablet with Windows 10 operating system and 1.92 GHz Intel Cherry Trail-T3 Z8350 Quad Core processor. A device with IPS display, 4G of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory and the best connectivity offered today by the market. A mix offered on Amazon for only $169.99. Amazon sends the tablet directly, so many benefits for Amazon Prime users in addition to reduced shipping times and the best warranty. View more details about Hi10 Air at Chuwi Official Site


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