How to Get a Job as an Android Developer in the USA


There’s never been a better time to be an Android app developer. The field is booming with new opportunities and there are more jobs than ever before! The good news is that it doesn’t matter whether you have years of experience or anything at all. If you are committed to the field, take a glance at resume writing services reviews to choose the proper writing service, check your resume, and get started building your own successful apps for this fast-growing industry today.

Here’s a guide to getting hired as an Android developer without any prior experience or education.

Current US Demand for Android Specialists

The future of Android development is bright! With an infinite range and availability of cheap to high-end devices, you can expect great demand in the market. And with more than 3 billion smartphones running this OS right now – there will always be jobs available for those who know how to use their skills well enough.

In fact, there are over 5 thousand job openings for Android developers in America alone! And if we’re talking about the whole world then that number is almost infinite. An average Java Mobile Developer makes $96 000 annually while ZipRecruiters’ data shows salaries vary from $64k per year at minimum to $140 k per year at maximum

Of course, you’ll need to know the Java programming language and have a good grasp of its syntax and basic concepts. However, that’s not all. You must also be familiar with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and understand how to use it to create apps that look great and work perfectly on all types of devices.

Where to Find a Job in the USA

It’s never been easier to find a job as an Android developer. With so many websites offering jobs at your fingertips you’re sure not going thirsty anywhere. Just try:

  • Hubstaff;
  • Fiverr;
  • Upwork

To stand apart from other candidates with this same goal in mind and to be found by recruiters, upload your resume to the following platforms:

  • Dice;
  • Indeed;
  • Linkedin

Android Developer’s Duties & Responsibilities

If you want to become an Android app developer, make sure that your skillset includes these essential tasks:

  • Defining and developing the features and user interface for your app;
  • Working together with other team members;
  • Managing databases and APIs;
  • Performing unit testing;
  • Fixing bugs;
  • Staying up-to-date on new technologies.

Android Developers’ Core Skills

To become an Android developer, you need a few key skills. These include being able to work with different technologies in order for your app idea to come together as planned and also knowing how developers achieve certain tasks on the platform like testing or releasing apps via Google Play Store.

Here are some examples of Android developers’ core skills:

  1. Java (or another object-oriented programming language);
  2. Working with the Android SDK (software development kit) and its different features;
  3. Familiarity with databases, RESTful APIs, and networking concepts;
  4. Ability to use Android Studio or Eclipse;
  5. Understanding of Material Design guidelines;
  6. Kotlin for quick creation of powerful applications.

You should be fluent in the following programming tools, among others:

  • Android Studio, AVD manager, and Android Debug Bridge;
  • REST APIs development and integration;
  • Spring, MVC, Web Service, Hibernate, HTML, CSS;
  • Integration with third-party libraries, monitoring and analytics;
  • Git and other version-control systems.

Resources to Learn Android development

Master new skills with our list of the best sites for learning programming languages. From beginner-friendly resources to more advanced ones, here’s everything you need.

Java Learning

CodeGym is a wonderful resource to learn the basics of programming. The first two quests provide an excellent foundation for aspiring Android developers, as they cover topics like Java language features and object-oriented programming practices in detail (including oversight management). It also offers detailed descriptions of any issues that might occur during your journey into this new frontier

Kotlin Learning

For those who want to learn the Kotlin language, there is a great resource Developers. It consists of various training classes and code samples that can help you perform specific tasks with your app in mind.

Android Learning

The Udacity course is the perfect way to advance your skills in Android. The blend of theory and practice will help you build a cloud-connected app step by step with real experts who can teach best practices for mobile development, particularly on phones or tablets running versions five through nine.

SQLite for Android Learning

FreeCodeCamp is a great resource for those who want to learn how to code. You can take advantage of their huge library with thousands of videos, articles and interactive coding lessons that will help you along your journey!

Git Learning

Learn Git Branching is a great way to know different commands and concepts in the form of an interactive game. You can progress through levels by completing tasks and gaining access rights for new features like forkHub or pullReview that help you be more efficient with your workflow.

Final Thoughts

The Android developer’s job is to come up with fresh ideas and bring them to life through programming skills and expert knowledge of the industry. They should have an innate knack for creativity as well! If you are excited about the opportunity to create amazing apps that people will love to use, then this is the job for you!

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