How to have fun at Old School RuneScape


In any online game that is popular in the MMO segment, there should always be a lot of activities that are available to players who do not want to constantly follow the quest leveling system.

There are many activities in Old School RuneScape that should be explored not only as an alternative to leveling up, but also as a way to get unique experience and rewards, as well as cheap osrs gold.

Interesting activities in Old School RuneScape

  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Guilds
  • Boss hunting


The skill leveling system in the project is built in such a way that it is pumped exclusively from active actions.

The player should take up mining and associate it with crafting in the future – this diversifies the gameplay, since the crafter constantly needs ore, which will be smelted into ingots and used to make armor. By the way, the best melee armor can be made with a high crafting skill – you can always sell it, or wear it yourself.

Collecting herbs goes well with alchemy and allows the player not only to constantly find resources while traveling through the game world, but also immediately sell them for the benefit of his character and other players if you decide to make or sell auxiliary potions.

Fishing will become an outlet for many players, because the fish will be caught gradually and with time the catch will be bigger and more valuable. Fish is also a resource for cooks – sell it to get gold, or upgrade two skills at once – fisherman and cook and sell ready-made dishes. Remember – the quality of food is pumped with the development of the cook’s skill, the higher it is – the stronger the effect of the product and the overall duration of the enhancement increases.

Wood mining and campfires are an unusual combination of skills for an MMO that can be developed to your advantage. A bonfire is always a camp for rest and a zone for accelerated recovery of character resources. You can go the income path and just sell all the wood, or use two skills at once – logging and decay to create good recovery zones. It will bring little income, but a very valuable skill as preparation for an attack on the boss.


The achievement system is not found in every game, but it always complements the gameplay in an interesting way. It provokes the player to do sometimes non-obvious things and the developers push gamers to try all the ideas and game aspects, as a reward, players receive unique skills and special power-ups, sometimes mounts.

It’s always worth doing all the achievements within reach, as the player gets constant buffs that will never be redundant. It’s up to you to decide how fanatical it is to complete tasks, but if it brings additional damage, or a unique reward, it’s worth considering.


If you find a good guild, you will get an interesting gaming experience. Guilds always require players to be active, which means that allied groups will always be formed for interesting trips to bosses.

In the guild you can always ask a question and get an adequate and capacious answer if the members are adequate.

Allies always seek to strengthen the guild as a source of game bonuses. Participate in the development of the guild if you are interested in the path of other players and the development of a common cause. Track the activity of the head and evaluate how promising it is to invest your resources and, most importantly, time. Don’t be afraid to leave the guild if they don’t suit your gaming preferences, in the end everyone comes to the game to have fun and have a good time, and not spend hours doing unloved activities with uninteresting and unpromising people.

Boss hunting

One of the most interesting activities is the search and hunting for bosses. This is a logical conclusion to the game pumping and testing of equipment, of course you will need reliable allies that you can find in guilds, or trust random people with whom you will probably regularly go to raids on bosses.

Bosses are always potentially the best loot for valuable equipment and weapons that are very difficult to craft, and some equipment can only be obtained by killing the boss.

Dress up your group and upgrade your character, you don’t need to sell all the equipment and weapons – dress your character and allies as much as possible, and then sell everything you don’t need and collect gold.


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