How to Hide Home Button and Make Screenshot on Elephone S7


Right now home button is not only a simple home button, but also a tendency for multi-function in Android world especially since Meizu uses mBack home button. Other Chinese smartphone manufacturers follow this kind of tendency to add more functions on the touch home button. Right now Elephone also use such home button on Elephone S7, you can watch the video about different usage of Elephone S7’s home button.

1. Press the button to return to Home. This is the classic function since modern smartphones appeared.

2. Assign a specific app. Just double press the button to open a specific app you have assigned.

3. Take a screenshot. By long touch, you can take a screeshot of the whole display or just a specific area.

4. mBack. This is the same as in the Meizu devices. Just touch the button once to go back.

Besides, when we buy a new smartphone, we may not be familiar with its functions, there is one function that is necessary to know, such as how to make screenshot. Elephone S7 has supported many ways to make a screenshot.

You can also check the video below, There are some ways to help you take a screenshot, for example, the “Google Way” is by pressing Power + Volume Down at the same time. Elephone has added this function to home button, and the other is to swiping down with three fingers.

If you are not familiar with this kind of functions, just watch operation videos for several times. We will also make Elephone S7 smartphone review soon. Stay tuned.


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