How to Hide Your Face in Photography


While some users would like to reveal their true personality on every shot, others are interested in remaining anonymous but showing off the picturesque scenery or other great life moments. Besides, there are cases when some participants of the shooting sessions don’t like their faces to be recognizable on the end results. Regardless of what your purpose is, it is possible to hide your face aesthetically in photos. With the help of a reputable photo editor the process is even more simplified.

Editor’s Choice: Creative Ways of Anonymization

The best thing about hiding your face in photography isn’t only achieving your aim effortlessly, i.e. protecting your personal digital privacy. It is also a great method to make your shots more interesting and transfer the focus of viewers’ attention to other important details of the layout apart from your face. Why not use this method to highlight your fashionable clothes or magnificent natural landscape in the background? It is up to you to decide.

Here are some of the widely spread methods to increase the degree of digital anonymization:

  • Classic options — people have already accustomed to seeing blurred faces and eyes covered with black bars as signs of hiding particular visual information. These edits are simple but influence the general impression of the image greatly. If you are looking for a harmonious view at the end, you can prepare corresponding accessories or apply extra filters to make the previously mentioned updates more natural.
  • Default face — if there is a need to make a person in a photo “blurred”, you can just change the original face by one that belongs to another individual. On the one hand, you can use it to get images with celebrities just with the help of editing. On the other hand, it is a wonderful way to add more fun to the layout. Who says you should choose only serious facial expressions? You are welcome to pick up out of seven universal categories of facial mobility, including the visual representations of feelings of surprise, anger, contempt, and joy.
  • Emoji — have you ever seen photos where the baby’s face is hidden by a cute emoji? This method will work for any photo. Instead of covering parts of photos in mosaic, it would be more interesting and appealing to add a new layer to your image template.
  • Masks — customers can make experiments and apply divergent filters to hide their faces in photography. This approach is to be accompanied by adding intriguing masks to your picture. One of the best ideas is to give your preference to Venice Carnival styles or masks of popular movie characters.
  • Back to the Future style — instead of adding extra masks to hide someone’s face, customers can deprive of it at all. That will look like a body without a head, and the latter is replaced by the background view. If you are ready to impress your target message recipients, it is a precious solution.

All-in-one Application

When it comes to such a purpose, it is definitely far from dream options to use different programs for divergent modifications. In this perspective, RetouchMe is a wonderful choice. With it, you can test dozens of hide-face ideas and select the best one for a particular case. This enabled interested parties to stay flexible and versatile. Besides, this application is designed for Android and iOS operating systems, so you can edit images anywhere and anytime.

Wrap It Up

The necessity to maintain your digital privacy becomes more valuable and appreciated. If you are in the club, the RetouchMe services will come in handy when hiding your face in photography in a unique and aesthetically creative manner. Just check it out!


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