How to Join Case Battles CS: GO on the Websites?


The importance of skins for the CS: GO community grows every day. The players search for profitable and fair alternatives to opening cases on Steam because of higher opportunities to get the desired items. Case opening sites became popular due to their extra functions besides ordinary box unpackaging. And case battles CS: GO is one of the most attractive that thousands of users attend every day.

Battles CS: GO for getting skins is an innovative way to become an absolute winner. Players fight with each other by opening cases, and the one who gets the most valuable drop wins it and hits the jackpot. Moreover, the things other participants win also go to the winner’s inventory.

The battles have apparent advantages that make many users join every day: 

  • Bigger prizes. The standard reward of box unpackaging is multiplied several times by adding the other participant’s dropped skins to yours.
  • Equal chances. Provably Fair algorithm confirms that everyone has a similar probability of dropping expensive rewards (based on a random number generator).
  • Custom collections. Case opening sites provide various skin combinations in their sets, which are usually different from the typical CS: GO cases.
  • Live battles. The participants watch the whole battle’s process and see what drops the other players receive.
  • Unique scenario. The users set the rules and conditions of the battle (number of players and rounds, case to unpackage, etc.).

The specific battles on CS: GO websites are usually a guaranteed paying-off method if winning it. So, let’s understand how to use such an innovative function of the case opening sites.

How to Start a Battle?

The algorithm for joining such contests for skins is straightforward. It’s understandable even for novice users who hadn’t participated before. There are 5 primary steps to starting such exciting competitions.

1. Register on a Site 
It’s essential to log in using a Steam account and make the inventory public. Otherwise, the trading bots won’t be able to send an offer to give you the prize.

2. Create a Lobby 
The players should select the “case battles CS: GO” category on the websites, and see if there are available contests or if a new one should be established.

3. Choose the Number of Participants
There are commonly 2-4 people competing in a battle for once. But remember that a bigger number of players means lower victory chances.

4. Determine the Cases to Open 
It’s necessary to choose the collections to unpackage. As a rule, the players join those lobbies which have the cases with their favorite skins, so it’s crucial to select popular item sets.

5. Start and Wait 
When all the conditions are determined, everything required is to wait for others to join your contest. When battles for CS: GO skins start, they last no more than several minutes (depending on the number of rounds).

Top Collections for the Battle

Users can choose any custom set available on the site and add it to the battle’s scenario.

The players regularly select the following cases: 

  • Military-special. It includes only blue-quality skins, and if luck favors the player, MP9 “Hot Rod” or UMP-45 “Blaze” can drop.
  • AK-47. The case includes valuable skins such as “Aquamarine Revenge,” “Neon Revolution,” “Redline,” and others.
  • AWP. A chance to get an “Asiimov” or “Fade” is the reason for unpackaging an AWP case.
  • Balance case. It includes an equal number of cheap and expensive skins, such as AK-47 “Jungle Spray,” “M4A4 “Modern Hunter,” etc.

Any collection can be selected for skin battle CS: GO making the entire lottery play by the users’ rules.

Overall, case battles on CS: GO websites are a modern method to become an absolute winner by getting a valuable prize. The only requirements are choosing a suitable case opening platform and creating or joining a unique contest with significant rewards.


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