How To Make Money With Your Phone In 2019


It is without question that most of us spend most of our spare time using our smartphone for one reason or another. So it is not surprising that at some point, we all think about what if part of this time spent on the device can be used to make money? In the main, we all use our mobile devices to help us in our everyday lives or to provide us with some sort of entertainment. But what would be really the perfect scenario, is if we could use a bit of this time to actually earn extra cash or even make a living with our phone. Therefore, we have taken the liberty of highlighting a few ways in which anyone can make money with their phone.

Ads Apps

Ads can be annoying when browsing online or using specific apps, but what if there was a way to make apps work for you, the user? Well, thanks to Slidejoy, there is! People on average unlock their smartphone screen in excess of 80 times a day, and this is integral to how Slidejoy works. Ads are placed on a user’s lock screen after signing up, with them having the ability to swipe left for more info, right to go to the home screen, or up for more ads. Every swipe will see the user earn Carats, with every 1,000 Carats worth $1. Slidejoy will pay their members through Paypal or with gift cards from retailers such as Amazon.

Investment Apps

Most of us out there will have heard of investing in stocks and bonds, many may have even considered looking into it further. But what if there was an app that can do it all for you with your spare change? Acorns works by linking your bank account to the robo-investing app, which will then round up purchases you make to the next dollar, investing the spare change into a portfolio of ETFs. It’s a great way to make a bit of extra money by investing small amounts such as $5 per day. With the service, Acorns also provide auto rebalancing and support too.

Casino Apps

Casino apps are some of the most popular apps in existence right now, with the gaming experience they provide to users having increased tenfold thanks to the strides forward made where technology is concerned. You only need to look at quality online casino apps from brands such as Royalvegas to see how entertaining they can be. But, in addition to being entertaining, these apps are a great way for users to make money via their smartphone, especially when you take into consideration the number of welcome bonuses, promotions and rewards out there to be claimed. Skilled blackjack and poker players will find casino apps especially rewarding, as well as providing plenty of fun and excitement for everyone.

Survey Apps

We live in an era where everyone has an opinion and they love to make their opinions heard. With Google Opinion Rewards, not only will the user be able to get their opinion heard, they’ll get paid for it too, from what is the number one survey app around right now. Google Opinion Rewards simply requires the user to download the app and go on to complete short surveys. These surveys could be on anything, from shops to hotels, and even TV shows. Whenever a user has a spare moment, they can quickly complete a survey, with payments made via PayPal or Google Play credits.


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