How to Optimize Minecraft Performance


When it comes to getting the best Minecraft gaming experience, there are some factors you can’t ignore. One is to optimize your performance. As simple as it sounds, it is something that must be done. This article will show you some steps on how to optimize Minecraft performance. It’s easier than you’re thinking right now. Please note that the instructions below are for the Java edition of Minecraft only.

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Requirements for Optimize Minecraft Performance

Optifine: You will need to download and install OptiFine. It is required to optimize the game and add compatibility with Shaders.

Shaderpack: It’s a graphic pack that will have realistic effects on Minecraft. There are several on the internet. For this tutorial, I will use BSL Shaders, in my opinion, the most beautiful and optimized package currently.

We need to install shaders too, in this tutorial the focus will be to show only the optimization part. If you don’t know how to install shaders, see the tutorial here.


Enter caption Minecraft Video Settings

Step 1 – It is recommended to allocate at least 2GB of ram for Minecraft.

Step 2 – You will need to use the debug menu to monitor the frame rate. To open it, press F3.

Step 3 – Now, go to the game’s options menu and select Video Settings. This will give you access to some options that you can tweak for optimization purposes. Now do the following optimizations:

  • Smooth Lighting Level set to 100%.
  • Ensure that your Graphics settings have been changed from Fancy to Fast.
  • Smooth Lighting & Clouds should be turned off.
  • Check your FOV to find out if it has been increased. This has been increased; ensure to have it reduced.
  • Render Distance should be set to 16 chunks maximum, if your computer has great settings you can risk using 32 chunks
  • Particles should be set to minimal.
  • Animation Settings should be turned All Off. However, this depends on your computer’s settings in general.
  • Mipmap should be disabled.
  • Max Framerate should be set to 60.
  • Brightness should be as per your need.
  • Dynamic Light set to OFF.
  • Ensure that the game is set to windowed mode. We recommend giving the full mode screen a try by pressing F11 or via the in-game toggle.
  • For multiplayer, it is recommended that you try to avoid those areas that have got large buildings or too many players. The same can be said of areas with lots of mobs. All of these tend to work against the game’s performance.

Step 4 – If you did all these settings correctly, your Minecraft should already be optimized for Shaders. You don’t need to change anything in the Shaders tab, they are already well-optimized by default. BSL is very optimized and the best option for those who don’t have good computer specs.

Debug results after updates:


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