How to Reach in top 10 Results in Google?


In Today’s era Google is considered as the king of search engines.

Information about everything ranging from a specific product or service to any business or blog is available just a click away. Just type in your search content and you get all the relevant information listed.

There’s a joke that asks “where would you hide something on the internet if you don’t want other people to find about it?”. The answer is, “On the second page of Google”. The searches on Google often provides five to six pages of relevant information, but most people never scroll past the first page on google search.

This means that you have to avoid being on the second or third page, as you won’t get the clicks and traffic to make SEO worth your time.

If someone types the keywords of his search then he/she is immediately taken to the search engine results page (SERP) which lists all the websites containing related information top to bottom depending on how it is ranked.

Here are some ways to push your content to the first search page.

  1. Optimize your Keywords:

                        Targeting long-tail keywords helps you to easily rank up your website as they are easy to rank and usually takes less time and money. First research the keywords that are always searched for, then find the long-tail version of it. Long-tail searches forms the majority of searches performed on Google. For example

‘Head’ keyword = “Anime guide”

Long-tail = “Anime guide for beginners to get into the fandom”

Using the long-tail strategy can help you increase your organic traffic as you’re not going up against the industry leading giants on these search engine result pages (SERP).

Surely long-tail keywords might not have the search volumes going for but what does the traffic mean if the people don’t convert ?

Even if you’re getting 200,000 visitors a month but it doesn’t mean anything if nobody converts. Instead of putting everything into one create more and optimize it using long-tail searches.

Giving the specific information what the searcher is looking for will make them stick around and convert. “Which site would you like to visit, the one that provides you the exact information you were looking for or the one filled with stuff irrelevant to your search?” of course it would be the latter one.

Long tail keywords

  1. Pay to Reach the Top:

                            Whenever you search something on Google you might have noticed the Ad tag on the first few results, but have you thought why the Ad tag even appears?

Yup you guessed it right they are paid advertisements. That’s how Google AdSense work by pushing the paid content upwards on the main page.

But if you look carefully you might notice that the search intent and the keywords don’t match. Most of the paid results will brag how the keyword you have searched for, they provide the best in that field. Apart from paying to Google, You can also hire blogger outreach agency like Degions for helping in your SEO efforts.  The person behind the screen isn’t looking for a specific service instead they want a comparison to decide which one is the best for them. This can help you reach the top of organic searches and go neck to neck with the big boys in the field.

  1. Maintain Quality and Quantity:

Maintaining the quality of posts is an important aspect as the amount of views you get mostly depend on the content you have posted.

You need to write like your business depends on it and it shouldn’t be any two years old blog post by someone that you just copy pasted. Every search result on google contains articles having more than 1000 words, which means you need to write more in-depth content than your competition that guides the users through the process of solving their problem.


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